Expanded, Extended, And Clutter-Free Charging - Anker Friday Deals ! (Amazon.com)


Rules: US only.

Starts May 1st, 00:00 PT, 2020, and ends May 3rd, 23:59 PT, 2020.

Quantity is limited. First come, first served.

Anker reserves the right of final explanation. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at support@anker.com.


Wow, those are some really great deals!

Too bad the Fusion isn’t free shipping yet…

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@professor You had the price spot-on at $49.99 for the USB-C Capsule :+1:


Just needs to be compatible with this :grimacing:


Hopefully, UK versions will be released sooner :crossed_fingers:


I doubt there will be a UK version of Powerstrip as it’s a different cable, voltage, current, plug. Basically everything is different. As UK voltage is higher the internal connections have to be better insulated to be as safe in UK as in US, and as UK current is lower the thicker cables needs for US are not required for UK. The UK market is relatively tiny and has incumbents like Belkin to supplant.

However there is nil valid reason why they can’t make the folding pins autosensing Powerport or Fusion have a slide-in EU and UK plug adapter, it has nil impact on the electronics, it is just the shape of metal and plastic. This is because these travel chargers explicitly are designed for all electrical source Voltages and Amps and it is only the plug shape different. It would add about $1 cost.

Anker knows this, they just have to decide to. Looks similar to this

Josh guessed this one better than I did, he said $30 I said $32 now and then $29 later.

I do wish the fake period of an artificially high price would stop, it is just to give the illusion of a deal to make you hurry to buy. In truth these prices will be repeated and improved upon in the future. These 18%-28% are the normal range, it is the 40%-50% ones are the true steals.

I like them doing bundles with chargers, it stops the PEBKAC error of user buying incompatible chargers and blaming Anker for user not reading small print, but I’d prefer if they offered different bundles like dual-port Powerport with the Powercore.


I’m getting impatient @professor they just need to crack on with it.
I don’t know why I’m so desperate to get my hands on a PowerStrip. If there wasn’t so much red-tape I would consider moving to the US :sunglasses:
As you say about the slide in UK plug, just like the Wakeys PSU.

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Last day to get in on some of these deals, guys!