Eufycam teardown

Excellent! Thanks @kumar.sachin

So as “Doctor Battery” is currently around, another question.
But i will “outsource” the question to a better fitting thread, to not put too much “off topic” content into this thread. Please check and answer my question here, if you want to: +++ YAMYAM's detailed eufy cam SOLAR PANEL TEST & REVIEW +++ (direct link to the question)

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Thanks for the tear down :+1:

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What’s people’s thoughts on horny?


Well my camera failed to charge the other day, opened it up & although I sealed the camera & the sma, the internal of the sma wasn’t sealed so water tracked down the cable (woops)

Tried cleaning it up but still didn’t charge, just gives off a high pitched whine

I removed the battery, no voltage from p+ to p- but there is 0.3v from scl & sda to p+ & p-, cells are 2.9v

Going to manually change to storage charge then try back in the camera

Battery details for people though

Battery Size : ⌀18.30mm x 64.90mm
Nominal Voltage : 3.63V
Nominal Capacity : 3350mAh
Min . Capacity : 3250mAh
Charging Metod : CC/CV 4.20CV ±0.05V
Discharge Voltage : 2.50V (Average Cut Off)
Standard Charging Current 0.3C - 975mA
Rapid Charging Current : 0.5C - 1625mA
Standard Discharge Current : 0.5C - 1625mA
Max . Discharge Current : 1.5C - 4875mA
Operating Temperature : Charge : 0 to 45°C Discharge: -20 to 60°C
Storage Temperature : 1 year : -20~25°C 3 months : -20~45°C
Battery rate : 1.5C
Weight : 45gr.max

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I’m seeing two in parallel, then series?

One of the seriess has oxidised and the ring is the DC pulse.

Correct, find the dud cell, any 18650 will suffice. The important part is exactly match how it’s wired now.

Great to see a “surgeon’s” insights.

As professor said, these are quite normal batteries.
Try to replace them and give us more reports about your fixing.
Not only me like those DIY-works.

We will all “pray” :rofl:
that there is no damage on that little board or others caused by the water.
Such would be hard to check, or better to say : impossible.

All the cells read 2.9v, currently charging them all to 3.6v to see if the battery PCB & camera PCB is ok then I’ll try charging through the usb

Might be the protection on the battery PCB blocking due to under voltage

Hoping nothing has failed but I’ll see in a few hours, slow charging & monitoring in case a cell is starting to fail

Good luck!
Keep us informed! :grinning:

It lives

It also lights up & says it’s charging when plugged in but sounds like it’s oscillating at 10-12khz at a guess

Will leave it on charge when I can monitor it better, worse case I’ll put an external charging adapter on & keep it indoors


Lot of good info @Haloweenhamster thanks for sharing :+1:

Hey :slight_smile:
how did you connect the external Antenna? Do you have a few pic’s?
Was it like on the homebase “simple” plug and play or did you had to solder the Antenna adapter?


One of the best threads on this forum :+1:

Has anyone done a teardown of the wireless battery 2K doorbell. Would be interested if the batteries can be replaced to higher capacity ones :wink:

Would definitely love to see a Homebase E teardown to compare with the original Homebase. Maybe the Battery and/or AI chip could be added.

I know this is over a year later, but still curious.

Ansbody knows on how to open an Eufycam E without damaging the housing / shell? Thx

Are there videos at YT?
You could ask there :

btw : Why do you want to open it?

Because it stopped working and is dead like a paperweight… i’d try to check if a different battery could be the solution.

Yes this could be.
I am sure the case is not glued.
So you will need a simple plastic tool same when opening phones for “prying”.
DONT USE a simple screwdriver and work carefully without any force.
Should be the same surgery as opening other such cases.

Because the battery is “dead” you must give that a try.

Where would i open it? Any „entry“ points?

This you have to find out by yourself.
I dont know if you are a skilled DIY-tinkerer.
If you have any doubt ask someone who is.
Of course the case consist of parts and can be opened.
There you should take a look. were these parts are put tzo

I dont have such a camera, sorry I cant cove you more hints
And diagnosis’ from far away are more than difficult. :grinning:

Eufy Cam Model E uses the same battery pack but has an electronic strip governing what and how it uses the power stored in 4 18650 battery’s, 2 in series, 2 in parallel thus the capacity listed. Difficult to remove and INFINATLY difficult to find a like replacement. Eufy said 15% discount on another unit after 2 years of service with NONREPLACEABLE OR NON REPAIRABLE BATTERY PACK. I am NOT PLEASED. $150 down the drain. I think I will buy a field camera and set it up to my phone, same thing but RPLACEABLE BATTERY’S and better customer service. Another hard lesson learned!