Eufycam teardown

That is really awesome (looking) … excellent work @Haloweenhamster ! :clap:
One bar is better than no additional bar. So great work and nice extended range! :+1:

But i wanna repeat to “put pressure on eufy” (don’t know what “Finger in die offene Wunde legen” is in english):

It is really a shame, that a customers, who payed a lot of hardly earned dollars for his eufy cam, needs to “DESTROY” it and LOSE WARRANTY, not to talk about the “waste” or invest of worthy lifetime, just to finally get some reasonably acceptable range!

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical
That should give you something to think about.
Bring the eufy range extender … now!

Phone battery is a single cell 3.8v
Battery packs are batteries in parallel 3.8v but increased capacity
This has 2x 2 in parallel & those in series (double capacity & double voltage compared to a single cell)

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Think you will get an invitation from EUFY to design a better camera! :rofl:

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“twist the knife in the wound” :confounded:

Makes some more pain!

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As for the extender / repeater they promised they have said they are having issues
I would hazard a guess that the WiFi 2.4GHz part is fine as that would just be an existing device with tweaked parameters, it’s the low frequency part that’s probably the issue, depending on the protocol etc it may need a lot of processing and custom firmware


True, this fits as well. told me it would be to bring up a painful subject - but sounded weird or not really fitting to me so i havn’t used it. “to put a finger into a wound” would be the 1:1 translation but also sounds weird. :slight_smile:

But i guess if anker reads it, they know very well what we mean :smile:

Yes, i have read that too. But for me it sounded like “hey guys, we know we are overdue with the extender, but we are having issues with the range extender and therefore it will not be released”

All i wanna hear or read is:
“Hey guys, yes, some issues occured while producing the eufy cam range extender, therefore we can’t hold the promised release date-range, but it will come as soon as possible and for sure!

That’s all i want :wink:

By the way … this reminds me on my own survey, whichg got 19 voters untilk yet. You are welcome to join the poll and vote:

This was just a hint from me!
You may use it or not. :roll_eyes:

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Misunderstood me? Everything is fine and thanks for the hint bro :kissing_heart:

Those are the currently most voted options/answers at the poll:

Maybe the excellent work and efforts from @Haloweenhamster will motivate and speed up the eufy team in relation to the amazing, brandnew, wonderful and extremely beautiful maximum range extender for eufy cams :wink:

Perhaps this put them off


@kumar.sachin can you help us out with this battery issue?

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Who’s Kumar Sachin?

Maybe, but i guess if they keep it at a reasonable price and/or offer the backers a fat discount on the regular price, the most even would pay for it.

Also, this voting point is only talking about the very first range extender for free and only for backers!

In my case it would mean:
I would get one for free, but as i need at least two, probably three, i would have to pay the others.
Sounds fair to me. But also would pay for the first, if the price is ok. Main thing is that it finally arrives!

It is our master of the batteries!

Cool. So maybe @kumar.sachin can clarify the secret of the eufy cam battery! :face_with_monocle:

I think he would and could.

He’s our battery dr lol. He has like a PhD in battery science or something :joy:

I think so.
But not all of us have such a PHD.
I am an engineer only. :grinning:

Someone on Facebook said about the homebase
These are ph0 screws

Then I started at the sides & worked around releasing the clips

As people like their batteries

It has 2 WiFi antennas & 1 low frequency antenna

Eufy be a sport & tell me how you release the top, I don’t want to force anything

Only ic I could see is a 256MB flash


Excellent! :clap:
Now we also know that the Homebase Backup Battery got 2600 mAh :+1:

I’m curious what you disassemble next @Haloweenhamster :wink:

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Soundcore flare :joy: