EufyCam - Rotate Camera video option in Eufy Security App

And here’s another customer who needs 90 and 180 degree rotation.
First request has been for 2 years.
Here are only the customers that request this feature. I’m sure ther are many more that would appreciate such a function.

Please! This is an important feature and most other manufacturers offer this.

Just installed my new cameras today and needing this feature too. Should I abandon all hope that it will ever be added considering how old this thread is.

+100 on the video rotation feature. It exists on my Arlo, Ring, and $20 wyze cams (that even have person detection!) So many views on this request… wonder why the EufyCam agile guys haven’t picked this up yet and there’s been radio silence over 2 years time…

Maybe I shouldn’t have bought so many Eufy Floodlight cams as I thought this was an active community… uh oh…

@AnkerSupport @eufy

@She15 You might get better uptake on this suggestion by posting at the dedicated community

Pleasa, add this feature!

Yo Anker, What the F is wrong with you people ?
Here it is 3 YEARS LATER, and you still haven’t addressed this yet ?

And of course there’s all the current controversy about the image thumbnails being watchable by anyone out there “Re: Recent security claims against eufy Security”

You folks really know how to shoot yourself in the foot !

Guys found it! Camera settings>General>mounting guide>rotate 180 degrees

It’s kinda ridiculous that this option still isn’t available… @ankersupport

Please can we get 90 degree increments ?

+1 This would be amazing - please line up in feature updates!

Need it as well !
Looking at the comments, it has been asked for 3 years and nothing has been done… sorry to tell you that but your product owner needs to be replaced… Sure the engineering team can take it from now on :smile: Please make it happen !

Same here needing a vertical video rotation adjustments, only way to get a good view of my front house.

Don’t think that Eufy team cares after 3 years with no update on this