eufyCam E Wireless Security Camera Launch



Good luck buddy! It proved again that little patience would help :slight_smile:


Only after I emailed Eufy Support… they issued an apology for not getting the code. I wonder if others received their codes.


That is strange, I haven’t got mine too, was not worried as I was not in rush.
Sending email to support now.
Thanks for the update again buddy, it may helps others too…


I currently have the original eufyCam setup from Kickstarter and I’m interested in these.

However, these cameras are not capable of any facial recognition correct? Basically will just notify of motion events and have no sort of “smart ai” like the original cameras?


If you connect this to the original homebase with AI, you will be able to use facial recognition and other smart AI features.
(As per eufy, no one tested it so far!)


Ahh OK, thanks for the reply!


Got mine today, unboxed and all setup took about 5 minutes! Quick and easy and yes it does have facial recognition. The original battery charge is about 75% so i will leave it plugged in over night. Then I will place outside and dated to see how long the battery will last for. I also ordered a second one, so I will have the orignal cam that came with the base and two EufyCam E.


Discounts should be distributed in the following couple of weeks, please be patient. If you still don’t receive it, you could contact eufy support team for help.:innocent:


I didn’t expect you to receive it so soon!:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it is.:grin:


OK, was confused that some backers received codes and cameras too, and others were left in dark.
But, thanks for the update @AnkerTechnical , will wait for the code to arrive.


got mine, its charging and will be mounted when temp gets above brrr facvtor


We love testing? I hope so :innocent:


very tempting but think I’ll wait for a better sale or price drop


where this EufyCam E can be bought in Europe - EU ?


Can be expect on the end of March!:grin:


Is there an ETA on Google home hub / assistant integration?


In total i now got 12 eufy cams currently.
9 regular ones, 3 “other” ones.


Feel free to send some (along with either homebase) over to me :joy:


No way bro! … I doubt you want the ugly eufycam E. :upside_down:
You want and need the original eufycam with A.I. Homebase :thumbsup:

(Joking aside: As soon as you got the A.I. Homebase you can also add eufycam E additionaly, yes)