EufyCam Delay in Recording Start

As of 11/28/2021, this is STILL an issue… Thinking about returning mine…

I have the floodlight cam model. I discovered if i set it to all motion instead of human motion it solves the problem. Not sure if the other models are the same… guess it has difficulty telling if you’re human or not​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

They said they are working on a solution for this in 2018 almost 5 years now and customers are still suffering from this defect. I can’t believe how could a company claiming to be a producer of security cameras is still failing on the most important aspect which detecting and recording at the accurate time.
And by the way . If they tell you you need to adjust the location of the camera it won’t work. I even got a separate motion sensor few feet away from the camera spotting exactly the entrance and enabled an automation between the sensor and the camera, it detects cars on the street and when a person passes there is even more delay to order the camera to record. Ridiculous!!
I’d say close your company and enough ripping off more people.

Hi! How did you make the sensor trigger the camera?
I only get this effect thanks to the light the sensor turns on…
Is there a direct way?

I just purchased and instaled the S330 system.
and have the same issue. recording starts way late compared to a ring system I have.

I dont know how ring does it, but it seems it is always recording a few seconds prior to movement detection.

ring recording shows me a car even before it passes by my house.

this eufy system seems to detect and then stary recording a few seconds later. very very bad.
not sure yet if I will return it.

I bought this to replace my Arlo system, which I love for quality, but Arlo screwed up the software and you cant see live.

Return don’t hesitate

To enable longest battery life the camera is turned off most of the time, when the camera sensor picks something up it is just its PIR heat signature, so the camera has to turn on and recognise what the object is - setting the camera to all movement rather than ‘human only’ will reduce delay but the easiest way to improve response time is to get a Eufy remote battery powered PIR sensor ( cost just over £20 from Amazon in UK ) and fit it to the beginning of your drive, link it to the camera in ‘automation’ and it will give the camera advanced warning. I have several sensors dotted around the property and they reduce the delay. The sensor has a two year battery, and are not fully waterproof so need to be sheltered from direct rain, I made PVC cover for mine, but they can be screwed under mailbox. It pays to understand that the PIR sensors ( applies to all PIR sensors ) are a lot more sensitive to movement when the movement is ‘across the face of sensor’ PIR are not sensitive when sensing something moving directly towards sensor at 90 degrees to its face.

Just purchased the Eufy wirleless doorbell S220. During testing I too am finding there is a delay in the recording. I walked into my Driveway from the road in the evening (around 10m) and it only started recording as I was inside my property. Also the IR was also delayed.

I was interested if purchasing the wired system would resolve this issue - however it seems that people are confirming that this does not make any difference either.

Thanks for this question. I also had the same situation.

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