Eufy video Doorbell time stamp not correct

For me, toggling the timezone on the home base to another timezone and then the back to the actual, seemed to correct it for all cams and the doorbell.

Had the same issue on the Android app as well (v3.0.0_964). For me toggling the timezone on the homebase worked as well. Thanks!

I’m having the same issue now. I installed the camera and homebase, the timestamp and settings were correct, but now they’ve switched to an hour ahead. I’ve tried toggling to a new zone and back to Eastern but that hasn’t worked.

I wonder if maybe it’s a glitch with Daylight savings time? Usually there is a check box to indicate if your area/time zone follows DST or not, but I don’t see that with Eufy. I can change to Central so the time is right but I am thinking I’ll have to keep changing it back and forth every 6 months.

I’d say try to set up the app again, maybe it will display the correct time again