Eufy RoboVac 11S : What a helper!



I know you might think the "old fellow" is just getting crazy to publish such nonsense.
But my brave and sly slave and helper "Willy" (11S)

found a little screw which I was seeking for a long time.
Such RoboVacs can be used by unskilled, trembling watchmakers as I am!

Should be added to EUFY's advertising! :joy:


Excellent :joy:. Your Robovac is multi-purpose :joy:


Eufy Robovac can be a finder for small items like screws, small earrings :slight_smile:

I know it when me or my wife tries to put the earrings on our daughters, and the holder falls off, tough to search those :smile:


So if there is something missing in the house:
Go, RoboVac go..... :joy:


Not one of the things I would have thought about for the RoboVac but having lost numerous screws taking apart laptops before...I'm liking it :laughing: :ok_hand:


You might go for such a finder immediately, Neil.
Would help your trousers not being full of holes at the knees when creeping hours at the floor,:joy:


Never thought about this thing finding lost stuff...
Should be nicknamed "Lost & Found" :joy:


Another way of looking and a thoughtful idea !


I hope you rewarded him with a treat! :joy:


may be fed him some more screws or oil :grin::joy:


Awesome find and I love the eyes!

My little Eufy Vac mostly finds dog fur and crumbs my dogs miss during their daily search of the kitchen.


I will ask Willy what he would like.
Hope he will not demand bigger screws as those would cause bellyache. :grin:


oh please not another robot vacuum model


May be Willy would like a bride?
An "L"-model : Lizzy with mopping mode! :joy:
Or does "L" mean something else,,,,hehehe!