Eufy noisey

My “old Willy” 11S is now doing his heavy job since more than 2 years.
But I do care about him -> cleaning properly!
Enough said!

After cleaning everything else and rattling noise continued, this was the ultimate fix for me. No need for duct tape. Thanks for posting with a picture. Have 2 cats and yes, it was amazing how much hair was under this cap which kept the roller from turning smoothly on bare floor. Now operation is quiet again.

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Great you got that fixed.
Hair is poison for the vacs.

Enjoy the weekend!

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My Eufie became very noisy and this is how I fixed it. Pull out the large roller brush. Take a sharp knife so you are able to pry off the round roller at the opposite end of the square drive end. This is the smaller roller at the very end. It will slide out and you will probably find that it is full of wound up hair. Clean out the hair and reinsert the steel peg and it should be quiet again. Tim

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Thanks to everyone who suggested wrapping tape around the square end of the brush, it worked for me! Have ordered a replacement but this will do in the meantime.

THANK YOU for this. I just did the same and yanked out a gross amount of hair and it’s SO MUCH quieter! Your picture really helped.

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Yes. I found the same problem and the same reason.

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I had the same problem with my 15C. It ran perfectly fine and quiet for two years. All of a sudden it became very noisy. I noticed that he noise seemed to be coming from one of the side brushes. After further inspection, I noticed that one of the side brushes seemed to spin freely while another had some smooth resistance through the gearing. I spoke to the factory and when I explained my findings, they advised me that the motor should not spin freely and that the gears in the side brush motor were likely stripped. Since it was out of warranty, they offered me a 40% discount on select new units. Upon further investigation, I found the side brush motor offered as an accessory on their website. The unit is currently “sold out” which tells me that this is a common problem. I found a new replacement motor on eBay for $26 and installed it yesterday. My RoboVac is back to normal quiet operation! It’s a fairly simple repair and Eufy even has a on instructional video online. Hope this helps someone.

I will do that surgery at my old Willy (ca 3 years old now ) soon.
He agreed and the monkey engineers will help.
They are watching the instruction video daily and told me they are really ready for such a swapping😂

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I had the same problem on my Robovac, turns out the side brush motor has striped its gears, found it for sale on Eufy, about 3 months later I had the same problem again. In the end, I’ve found a improved version of the gears for sale on ebay, bought, changed, is working fine for more than one year now…

I did the same with “old Willy” left side brush motor.
Will be a three years old robot in June.
There is the possibility to buy spare parts at the EUFY website.

If there is a scratching nose it coulde be caused by the middle brush.
Remove it and listen if its gone after.
If so you could tape the wheel at the right side.
All is fine after. :wink:

Hi there, I’ve found a good long lasting easy solution for the problem, for all you who don’t like tape. The main cause of the problem is that the bearing gets stuck by the hair underneath. The cap what is thought to remain still is carried with the bearing, starting to rotate and grind down the bearing cap holder, everything gets play and that is rattling you hear. So at first it is necessary to remove the hair. You have to pull off the cap with pliers and pull the bearing out. The axis will easily come out. Then it’s easy to remove the hair underneath. Cut a soft sealing ring in half and press it in the slot behind the bearing. It will hold by pressure and won’t fall out if you clean the brush. The cap gets pressure by the holder again and the rattling is gone. If you clean the bearing from time to time everything will be fine.