Eufy Floodlight not conecting to Wifi - SOLUTION

Thank you to all previous posters.
I had same issue and it seems that the router firewall was the issue


Had huge difficulty connecting to the 1080p floodlight camera.
For me selecting the floodlight Pro instead of the actual model in setup and scanning the QR code on the bottom of the camera finally worked.

My fix to connecting the camera was to use the app on a different phone. I originally tried doing it on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the app would go all the way to the last step where you select the WiFi network and then it would fail. Nothing I tried using the app on the S9 had worked, i had tried turning the firewall off in router, had put the phone on airplane mode and turned WiFi back on only, tried using another phone as a mobile hotspot and it still didn’t work.

Finally installed the Eufy security app on the other phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) and it worked. Why the S9 wouldn’t I have no idea, but try the app on someone else’s phone or an old one if you have one and once its setup you are all good with your other phone.

Thank you Steff! I live in the States and have been corresponding with Eufy support for months and they shipped 2 replacement floodlights to no avail. Eero support also no help. I did not pause 5g, detection is automatic, but Guest was the solution.