[eufy Entry Sensor] Improvement proposal: Showing colored duration of every event!

As backchecking i have another sugesstion regarding this improvement! :+1:
As you know i am using this sensor to track how often and how long the main entrance to my house is opened. As you also can see, as an example, i just had a very long time where the main entrance door has been open, as one of my new tenant forgot during movement to close the door again after unloading his car.

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So my regarding suggestion:

Could you please add, beside the suggestion above and the reason for this thread, an OPTION where i could set a freely definable time limit between 1 and xx minutes, after which i would get a push notification?!

“ATTENTION: Entry Sensor “Hoftor” detected that it is still open after [xx] minutes!”

So if one of my visitors or tenants (or even myself) forgot to close the door after, for example, 30 minutes, i would get push informed and warned to be able to check if everthing is fine and door still needs to be open or not, so i could close it.


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Great idea, but don’t see it coming at least for 2 years, if it’s coming.

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Don’t be so optimistic! … 2 years, damn, anker isn’t Microsoft. Give em 5 years, at least.
Don’t rush them please. ok?!

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Response please!

I love this idea!!! There are times when the kids go out the garage side door to the backyard and forget the close the door!!! This notification would make the place I call home more secure and create piece of mind!!! Please @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical make this happen!!! @yamyam making eufy a stronger and better brand by making smart and useful suggestions!!! Keep up the good work!!!


+1 for this. Just happened to me as well. Nice to have a time bound alert of the selected event.
@AnkerOfficial please pass this info.

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I love you bro’s ! :sparkling_heart:

The only one who is blind, dumb and not seeing and listening that we make senseful, useful and SECURE suggestions (which is original THEIR job, so they should/should get on it themself), which also helps to make the brand better and making more cash, is ANKER a.k.a. EUFY! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

As anker is a chinese company, or at least owned by chinese, we maybe should learn some :u6709::u6307::u5272::u7121::u7981::accept::u7533::u5408::u7a7a::congratulations::secret::u55b6::u6e80::sa: to get heared and reach their brains?! :thinking:

Sorry to say this, but how dumb can a company be if there are involved and customers with tons of efforts in time and passion who make excellent improvement ideas and the company is just doing … NOTHING … not even answering, not even daying thanks, not realizing it with like no costs but maximum advantages!? :woozy_face:

And we do not even want to get payed … (by doing their job) :dizzy_face:
Ok, so maybe it is us who are dumb :grin:



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