[eufy Entry Sensor] Improvement proposal: Showing colored duration of every event!

:warning: ATTENTION PLEASE! :warning:

i just have added a poll about this improvement proposal at the bottom of the very first post, with four possible answers.

No matter if you OWN or do not OWN eufy entry sensors, you are welcome and asked you give your vote there. Thank you very much!


@yamyam I do not like this idea at all… I LOVE IT!!! I do not own any eufycams at the moment but after I buy my new TV I am going after the two eufycam e set, maybe three. This you proposed makes it wayyyy easier to see duration of an event. I have the 2K doorbell and to add these cameras to my “home security” would be sublime!

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I see. RIP gif master. You will be missed

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@yamyam bit puzzled… you don’t like the new forum? At first i thought GIf upload / animations were disabled, tested with a test GIF, glad the functionality is still around :joy:

@Shenoy Please read post #10 ( Unlock the power of eufy Doorbell - Motion Detection ) and following to understand WHY the GIF MASTER is dead. The reason is NOT because gifs not working anymore at the forum. There is another reason. :slight_smile:

@AnkerOfficial, @AnkerSupport, @AnkerTechnical, @ndalby, @TechnicallyWell

No feedback yet?! :unamused:

Not familiar with the door sensors (but have a good guess on their overall setup :wink: )…your idea and suggestions are certainly solid fella but alas its down to the admins to pass on the suggestions to the Eufy development team to see if either they can implement (can’t see why not) or if they want to take that sort of route in the next set of updates (your guess is as good as mine) :open_hands:

Have you tried contacting with suggestions via support@eufylife.com which would probably be quicker for getting direct to the Eufy development team?

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No, of course not. What sense makes a forum when the operator does not read along?!
And when reading along, they can also answer, comment and participate!

Publishing ideas, suggestions, feedback, bug reports and all other issues publicly on a forum makes also 100 times more sense, as other customers can participate and say something. If all those send secretly and privately emails to the support, then … :open_mouth:

There should be anyway a social media instructor or forum employee whose job it is to do nothing else than taking care of the customers at those “channels”. And one of the eufy (development) team should be anyway around here, at least in the eufy section of the forum!

If anker only operates the forum to have one or that customers can make smalltalk but noone cares about whats discussed there and taking part of it … then rather turn off the board emmediatly.

Nice that you started using door sensors now, I see more ideas are flowing… I like the color code system, I can definitely use it on mine.
Thanks @yamyam :ok_hand:

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@yamyam Continue strong with your feedback. You are making eufy security better!

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Hello!@yamyam Again thanks so much for your great suggestion! As you mentioned, there are dozens of events (open/close) per day and it is very confusing and unclear to read and have an overlook about it. Your idea of adding event duration and coloring is really worth considering! We’ve already forwarded it to our engineer team and they are discussing the availability now. Sincerely thank you for your great voice and assistance to eufy!


:clap::clap: show of support and response from @AnkerSupport to @yamyam

Great inputs!!

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As backchecking i have another sugesstion regarding this improvement! :+1:
As you know i am using this sensor to track how often and how long the main entrance to my house is opened. As you also can see, as an example, i just had a very long time where the main entrance door has been open, as one of my new tenant forgot during movement to close the door again after unloading his car.

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial
So my regarding suggestion:

Could you please add, beside the suggestion above and the reason for this thread, an OPTION where i could set a freely definable time limit between 1 and xx minutes, after which i would get a push notification?!

“ATTENTION: Entry Sensor “Hoftor” detected that it is still open after [xx] minutes!”

So if one of my visitors or tenants (or even myself) forgot to close the door after, for example, 30 minutes, i would get push informed and warned to be able to check if everthing is fine and door still needs to be open or not, so i could close it.


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Great idea, but don’t see it coming at least for 2 years, if it’s coming.

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Don’t be so optimistic! … 2 years, damn, anker isn’t Microsoft. Give em 5 years, at least.
Don’t rush them please. ok?!

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Response please!

I love this idea!!! There are times when the kids go out the garage side door to the backyard and forget the close the door!!! This notification would make the place I call home more secure and create piece of mind!!! Please @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical make this happen!!! @yamyam making eufy a stronger and better brand by making smart and useful suggestions!!! Keep up the good work!!!


+1 for this. Just happened to me as well. Nice to have a time bound alert of the selected event.
@AnkerOfficial please pass this info.

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I love you bro’s ! :sparkling_heart:

The only one who is blind, dumb and not seeing and listening that we make senseful, useful and SECURE suggestions (which is original THEIR job, so they should/should get on it themself), which also helps to make the brand better and making more cash, is ANKER a.k.a. EUFY! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

As anker is a chinese company, or at least owned by chinese, we maybe should learn some :u6709::u6307::u5272::u7121::u7981::accept::u7533::u5408::u7a7a::congratulations::secret::u55b6::u6e80::sa: to get heared and reach their brains?! :thinking:

Sorry to say this, but how dumb can a company be if there are involved and customers with tons of efforts in time and passion who make excellent improvement ideas and the company is just doing … NOTHING … not even answering, not even daying thanks, not realizing it with like no costs but maximum advantages!? :woozy_face:

And we do not even want to get payed … (by doing their job) :dizzy_face:
Ok, so maybe it is us who are dumb :grin:



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