Eufy Doorbell is Offline and will not re-connect

Same problem here with my eufy battery doorbell.
I also got a NETGEAR router (orbi RBK50). I try to add the homebase into the dmz but same issue… Very disapointing…

I have had my doorbell for a couple of months and I have found it works well, although the fact that it often has to be refreshed as streaming ceases for some unknown reason.
But over the last couple of days it has been showing as offline, which is very annoying, and despite my best attempts I just cannot get it back online.
Can someone please assist with this issue

I have just purchased the Eufy Homebase 2 with the battery doorbell camera. the camera worked well for about a day then reported to be offline. I fully recharged the battery, the light on the doorbell turned a reddish orange, I added the doorbell to the base station again but always got the reply “camera not connected”. I tried a few more times and the camera reconnected but upon waking this morning and checking the camera the doorbell is reporting “camera offline” again. The camera position is on the wall to the front of my house, the base station is on a table less than 1 meter away (through the wall), the wireless signal next to the bell is showing as excellent on my Wi-Fi analyser…

Has anyone got any ideas??

The main cause for this is the fact that the Homebase and Doorbell use a busy wifi channel, because the idiots at anker thought it would be smart to NOT provide user control to set the wifi channel it uses for its homebase. Pathetic. It’s in the cheapest of wifi routers.

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I just had the same problem :\ After restarting the homebase and switching connection from the homebase to use Wifi instead of cabled internet the doorbell connected again.

The problem here more or less alike: after dropping external temperature to +/- -1 celsius (17 fahrenheit) the battery doorbell disconnects. Just taking the doorbell inside en let is warm for a few minutes, solves the problem.

Have you contacted the support and told them about this issue?
Did you make sure there is no moisture inside the bell?

Hi Frank,

Yes I opened a ticket at Eufy support. There is no answer yet.
The unit is 3 weeks old and is placed under a roof.

Hallo Hans.
3 weeks old - > so its under warranty.
I am sure you will get a respond next week, due weekend.
best luck

This is going to sound pretty dumb, but I was also having issues with the doorbell resetting and completely going offline. I have the wireless doorbell (hardwired) using the provided shim. I found that the top screw is directly in line with the sync button so if it isn’t nearly countersunk or extremely flush, it will trigger the sync button when seated in and disconnect the device. What was tightened down snugly wasn’t enough. The weather fluctuates a lot here so I’m wondering if there’s any flex in the siding that causes this to happen at random. This is still early days in the testing, but so far so good. Might be worth it for some of you to double check that top screw.

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I bought the battery doorbell 2 days ago, now I’m having same issue, eufy battery doorbell goes to offline and will not come back online (need to unmount and re-add/reset the device to make it appear as online), is it because of a faulty device?

Any solution yet?

My wireless doorbell has gone offline twice so far this month and I have to remove it from the mount, bring it inside and connect it via USB to the Home Base, and then press the Sync button for 10+ seconds to get it to reconnect. Both times the battery level was at 50%+. What’s even more frustrating is that I don’t get any notification that the doorbell is offline and this most recent issue happened ten days ago and I just discovered it today. As I’m gone for months at a time I don’t have the ability to just pop outside, remove the doorbell and go through this process every time it happens.

Is there a setting I’m overlooking to make sure the app notifies me if the doorbell goes offline?

I’m not sure if this is the same issue as others on here but I found that the problem with my 2k Wifi Video Doorbell (hardwired version) was my doorbell transformer was not powerful enough to support the video doorbell. So at Eufy’s request I replaced it with this model ( and I have not had one problem w/ my doorbell going offline.
I hope this helps.

PS, my transformer was located in the garage near my water heater (I spent a good 30 min looking for this).

Video doorbell (wireless) out of nowhere today would not stream event video or live feed video. uninstalled the app (iPhone 11) twice and nothing. contacted the “support” team and zero help. anyone have this issue and/or solution suggestions?

Hello, same problem here with a new video doorbell 2k battery. First why there is not a notification to tell us doorbell is offline ??

I have tried to restart the homebase2 but still doorbell offline.

I have removed ethernet cable, the homebase2 has switched on wifi and the doorbell was online again ???

I could watched videos on homebase2 with the ethernet cable so the homebase2 was connected to my network

That sounds like an option. What did you do to fix this? My connection is good, the power is good but it still went offline twice in like 2 months. When I removed the bell and plugged in the usb cable it instantly worked again so I think I have the same issue

The builders used a wood screw for the doorbell, which is common enough, so it has a large flat head on it and with the screw going in at 90 degrees against the 15 degrees shim, the head stuck out a bit. I just gave it a bit more torque and made sure it was as flush as possible to prevent any protrusion. Since that post I made back in early January, I haven’t had a single problem. Although it’s only been in a range of 20 to 60 degrees F. We’ll see what summer does.

I had a similar problem with a brand new Eufy battery doorbell in combination with the Homebase 2, so I did some checking what is actually happening.
From what I can see, the Doorbell and HomeBase2 communicate with each other via a seperate WiFi network, not your own home WiFi. Although the HomeBase2 can connect to your home WiFi network, it does not use this network for communication with the doorbell.
If your connection drops, it might be worthwhile looking at the channels your home WiFi and seperate network are using as they might interfere with each other. I use a tool called Wifi Analyzer (on Android phone) and with this tool you can see all the wireless networks in the neighborhood. The WiFi network between the doorbell and the HomeBase2 is hidden, but you will see it with the tool. The Wifi analyser tool tries to detect what device is responsible for emitting WiFi signals and you probably see a WiFi network with an id (no SSID) of SMART INNOVATION ; this is the network HomeBase2 and the doorbell are using.

So if you have connection issues, it is either interference with your own home WiFi , or the doorbell and the Homebase2 are too far away from eachother; again you can check this with the wifi analyser tool.

I hope this helps some people.