Eufy doorbell i don't get any sound in live

A hard reset- cutting off the power from the original doorbell chime or electrical panel for 10 seconds worked for me. The audio is nice and loud just the way it was and should be now.

Yes the hard reset of the wired eufy doorbell corrected my low to no audio using my iPhone. The person outside could hear me fine but I could not hear them. Powered off the wired doorbell for 20-secs then back on worked. Note my system version is 2.333

Hi Team,

I just bought a battery Eufy doorbell Duel (wired) and every time I press the microphone to start talking, I cannot hear any audio from the doorbell back to my phone neither person standing on front door can here my voice. even if i click talk button again to stop 2-way talk i still can’t hear anything. the only way to get the voice back is to close live stream and open again.

internet and all is fine as video is streaming very good, i also restarted device multiple time, uninstall and install app again but nothing changes.

I am using app on Iphone 14 ios 16.1.1



I have the same here.

Also iphone 14 pro with ios 16.1.1
After last update by Eufy issue appears.

The mic on the iphone will be disabled by clicking 2way audio:

My wife has a iphone 13 mini with ios 16.0.3 and no issues also ipad pro 2021 with ipados 16.1.1


Hi guys

Same issue for me with a 14 pro max, iOS 16.1.1
It works with my iPad (not updated to 16.1.1)


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Same problem here iPhone 14 Pro Max ios16.1.1

iPhone 12 Pro ios16.1.1 , iPad Pro , iPhone 6s all works just not the iPhone 14 pro :frowning:

Contact Eufy support. Not heard back yet. Surely this is priority it’s broken for all iPhone 14 users

Same problem with iphone 14 pro. I dunno when Eufy will fix this problem casue until cannot be used this doorbell…

Same Issue
Doorbell T8200 (hardwire, tested confirm enough voltage goes to the door bell)
Firmware 2.345
Multiple phones tested.

@AnkerSupport - Can we get permanent resolution on this issue

I see new software versions v4.5 is released, I downloaded ( restarted devices) and tested 2-way talk and it still has some issues.

  1. Mic quality is very poor, person on door can hardly listen to anything i am saying. Voice is breaking ( same working fine from android device and other iphone version)

  2. Click on live stream, can hear outside voices very clearly, then click on 2 way talk sound suddenly goes down. When i click again to end 2-way talk,I loose sound from doorbell ( can’t hear anything) again need to close and open live stream to listen outside voice.

Problem solved! with new app update from appstore.
I will wait to upgrade ios to 16.1.2.

See apple update: HT201222

for me voice is still breaking in 2-way talk. is it working fine for? @rensdpens
same working fine from older ios version

Issue is not solved. @AnkerSupport, how long should we wait for an update???

Yes after IOS app update to V4.51_1109 the two way is fixed.

Just bought EUFY doorbell cam. Can’t hear ANY outside noise at all despite all audio settings on. Also when slot doorbell into backing plate WiFi drops out? Help anyone?

Hi all
I have the same issue with 3 doorbells 2k models. This is the T8210C model with firmware 3.x.x
With my old doorbell 2k of type T8210 it works fine. Anker support confirm that they made a new model with the C at the end. And I live view there is bad audio problem. The recorded video word fine and do have also audio.

I need to wait until the support team update the firmware to solve this issue.

I just put in 2 T8213 video doorbells with exactly the same issue.
How do I check the version of firmware that is on the cameras?