Eufy App release 1.3.1



Thanks for digging… @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy :thumbsup:

I thought the same… go to help/FAQ on the app and wifi section, you will see it there, doesn’t say how you connect though :thinking:[quote=“The_Bearded_Tech_Guy, post:20, topic:69848”]
low frequency would be a lower frequency like 915mhz (
which is not 2.4 GHz


For anyone interested, support came back and stated that standby uses 868MHz - 915MHz. I assume it’ll depend on the region (Region A or Region B), but doesn’t matter enough to bug them more about it. So this can interfere with Zigbee (868 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz in USA), something to keep in mind if you have a heavy population of Zigbee devices in your house.


Thanks for the update… Yeah let’s not bug them for these details, and let them focus on real support issues :grin:


Ha yea, I actually needed to know as I have specific equipment that runs over specific frequencies that I didn’t need to interfere with each other so that’s why I asked.

Luckily I am almost completely off of zigbee at this point so its a non-issue.


Hello! @Rosarios Much appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestion! Sincerely sorry for all inconvenience and confusion caused by the removal Wifi facility for HomeBase. Our engineers do hope they can perfect the Wifi-HomeBase to the most before its formal release. Please be patient to wait for some time. We will try our best to accelerate the process! Sincerely thank you for your time!


So, to clarify, does the homebase have wifi capabilities to connect instead of hard wired?



@PJ77 it seems it has the capability and Eufy is still testing it out to ensure it works without any issues. This is better than release the feature and let the users report the issues. :sunglasses:


Thanks @Ice1


Thank you for sharing i will update mine now :blush: