Eufy App release 1.3.1



No unfortunately never got a chance to give it a go. Like many who have expressed their frustrations with the range offered by the solution, I thought this would go some way before we get the real fix that was promised with the range extender. I agree with @yamyam that the lag may not be a workable solution for everyone.


Ha, the NSA wouldn’t be interfering with your Wireless they want it working as optimal as possible to capture and… “archive” it.

I am curious what frequency the cameras operate at (probably 2.4 Ghz range). I sent an email to support asking, we’ll see if they respond.


This would be the worst possible frequency because the 2.4 Ghz band is full and mostly everything at a regular “home” is sending on 2,4 Ghz.

  • Model remote controls
  • Radar motion detector
  • Bluetooth (mouses, keyboards, and so on)
  • Video transmission
  • IEEE 802.14.5 interfaces
  • microwave ovens

But i do not think eufy uses 2,4 Ghz, even if it is licence free (thats why everyone uses it). I guess 2,4 Ghz would need to much power … i think eufy uses a bandwith/band which needs low power, but therefore of course got a horrible range!

But don’t know exactly.


Yea, looking at the advertised range (100m line of sight) and the bandwidth used to transmit the 1080p / sound, I’m not sure what other bands would be realistic. I’m going to guess they aren’t going to license any bands for this (would be way too expensive and I don’t even know if that’s possible for consumer grade equipment).

The power savings is probably really coming from the camera only sending data when motion is triggered.

You forgot an interference type:

  • Angry Network Engineer who read too many BOFH stories and keeps a wireless phone on their desk to walk around with it “off hook” at random times of the day. :japanese_goblin:

I’ll be curious to see what support says. Arlo uses 2.4 for base communication, cheap and easy usually wins.



Pretty certain I read in the FCC test report they are running 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g/n)…


I believe it is a low powered 2.4ghz, also aids in battery life as higher power it would drain the battery faster. Standard Wi-Fi protocol was never designed for low power, i think in last couple of years i have read some changes in this area though.
Probably something similar to the ZigBee protocol and could explain why it cant (and Eufy prob wont want to) allow users to connect cameras to existing Wi-Fi networks.

Back to main point, a friend bought a Eufy set based on it being touted as a fully wireless solution. Interesting he gets a poor signal on a single camera but still works.
I told him i was sure it had ability to connect to Wi-Fi as I too had read, but he emailed support only a day before new app was released and they said it is not supported. (above suggests i am not crazy)

I do find it strange, I have not seen a setting, short of resetting the unit back to factory and trying without a Ethernet plugged in, stranger why if it was supported or is capable why Eufy would remove this.
If it was an issue, then it should still be option for people to try with a warning, or advise why it can’t be done.
Really moving the home base closer to cameras is the only way short of the future repeaters one can improve signal.


are there any types within 2.4 GHZ such as low bandwidth or whatever, coz eufy did mention they use this private frequency which will save battery life and data transmission speed etc., no idea what it is…
2.4 GHz may be for the homebase to router (as an option), then homebase may be using another frequency to communicate with cameras?>


HYBRID is the magic (answer) :arrows_counterclockwise:


LOL… so is there a thing called low frequency of 2.4 GHz frequency… I’m lost, not a pro at this stuff… I admit :grin:


@ndalby @Cosgrove @yamyam @Ice1

Support got back, the cameras do operate at 2.4GHz. So the power saving is going to mostly be in not transmitting all the time. That isn’t to say they don’t have other power saving technologies built into the communication channel, but they probably won’t be as great compared to just not broadcasting a lot. I am curious what is meant by Low frequency when in standby though, so I’ll ask that question. Would seem a bit silly to have two radios in the cameras unless the power savings is really that good.

I have never seen anywhere that the homebase would connect over WiFi. In fact even on the kickstarter FAQ it states ethernet only. It does kind of makes sense as the homebase having a WiFi connection could impact the cameras themselves. They would have to have two separate 2.4 radios or a 2.4 and a 5.0 radio in the homebase to not just cause contention between user access to the homebase and the cameras sending video.

No, low frequency would be a lower frequency like 915mhz (operating frequency for Zigbee in the USA) or 908.42 MHz (Z-Wave in the USA). There are different bands within the 2.4 range and I guess you could argue the lower channels are “low frequency” compared to the higher channels but I would hope thats not the case. :joy_cat:


Thanks for digging… @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy :thumbsup:

I thought the same… go to help/FAQ on the app and wifi section, you will see it there, doesn’t say how you connect though :thinking:[quote=“The_Bearded_Tech_Guy, post:20, topic:69848”]
low frequency would be a lower frequency like 915mhz (
which is not 2.4 GHz


For anyone interested, support came back and stated that standby uses 868MHz - 915MHz. I assume it’ll depend on the region (Region A or Region B), but doesn’t matter enough to bug them more about it. So this can interfere with Zigbee (868 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz in USA), something to keep in mind if you have a heavy population of Zigbee devices in your house.


Thanks for the update… Yeah let’s not bug them for these details, and let them focus on real support issues :grin:


Ha yea, I actually needed to know as I have specific equipment that runs over specific frequencies that I didn’t need to interfere with each other so that’s why I asked.

Luckily I am almost completely off of zigbee at this point so its a non-issue.


Hello! @Rosarios Much appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestion! Sincerely sorry for all inconvenience and confusion caused by the removal Wifi facility for HomeBase. Our engineers do hope they can perfect the Wifi-HomeBase to the most before its formal release. Please be patient to wait for some time. We will try our best to accelerate the process! Sincerely thank you for your time!


So, to clarify, does the homebase have wifi capabilities to connect instead of hard wired?



@PJ77 it seems it has the capability and Eufy is still testing it out to ensure it works without any issues. This is better than release the feature and let the users report the issues. :sunglasses:


Thanks @Ice1


Thank you for sharing i will update mine now :blush: