Eufy 2k "wired" doorbell included powersupply spec

Hey all;

Im curious, does someone have a Eufy wired doorbell with the ootb powersupply? Can u tell me what voltage/current it outputs?

I have the battery one and im curious to what the wired’ one comes with.

The Eufy wired doorbell does not come with a power supply. Most homes have 16V 30VA
eufy video doorbell transformer specs for solo installation.

im in the UK and most of our wiring is 8VA… thats what I have for my ring doorbell. I was told by someone else that the UK Wired doorbell does come with a transformer

You may want to look at UK Eufy wired doorbell YouTube videos. I remember seeing a few with unboxing and installation.

Couldnt find it :frowning:

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