Eufy 11s blue light on won't leave base

I haven’t removed the switch to see what the problem is. The mod just prevents dust getting into it and so far it has worked.

Using a contact spray (cleaning function as well) would have helped.
But dont change your “addition” as it works! :grin:

I have an older unit with same problem. I suspected the switch contacts had dust in them or corrosion. I gave it two squirts of WD40, let it rest 10 minutes, and it worked fine. After that I decided I would never turn the switch off. Since your unit is new it should not have the same problem but no harm trying

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I never use the main switch, because there is no need.
But a little bit of contact spray might help, that’s true!

This worked perfectly for me. I sprayed the ON/OFF switch with some WD-40, waited 10 minutes and then tried turning the machine on. It started working instantly. I’m never touching that ON/OFF switch ever again!

I have the 11S was getting the brush error cleared the motor all looked good … Now when i turn it on get the blue light&the beep, when I go to start the vaccum gives another beep and the light stays bue but it does nothing. The switch turns on/off

I am sure you removed the battery for a while and inserted it again.
if not, try this.

Thanks I tried that several times but no diff this is weird, the light is blue but if I put it on the charger it goes blinking Orange left it overnight still blinking but then if I press the button it works for a feet or so then back to the same blue light … This was working good was thinking about getting another one but not sure anymore

Still a few weeks left on my warranty not sure if it’s worth it dealing with that

If you are skilled, you could disassemble the robot and clean all sockets and plugs.
Often some contact spray helps.
I would do that before trashing it.

I’ll redo that … tested motors by unplugging from the MB and feeding voltage to each all work fine the one I didn’t test was the suction motor it has 4 pins have to figure where to put the voltage

BTW contacted support and they answered&opened a ticket at least a good point for them since I opened
up probably I’m on my own but if they hint me that’ll b good enough

If its out of warranty, there is no chance for you to get a replacement.

Supposedly I still covered thru May but not even lasting a year not so good was using it everyday …maybe is not designed for that😊

Old Willy ( 11S) runs still 4 or 5 years now-
I swapped the left side motor and the middle brush.
Of course I care about him a lot.
Cleaning etc.