Does anyone know when the time is that they release the power user product?

Like do they come out at 8 am eastern time?

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I don’t think there is a specific time, it also depends on your area and what products they have available at any given time

I’ve checked around 12-1pm pt on Saturday’s so around 8 or 9 am for you since your eastern time

Would love to know that too. I just check everyday the page, so that I don’t miss anything.

Hi @comcast.net5 , I had a similar question via PM a few days ago from a other user. From what I have been told by @AnkerOfficial , power user samples are released according to market demands, stock availability as well as product manager’s decisions. So options for each of the territories (US, UK, DE, IT etc) can be both the same and different at any given time. There is also no set schedule when items are offered to members however it’s wise to check daily, especially when new items are rumoured to be released to the market.

Hope this helps.


I have a reminder set up on my phone for 10am UK time :grin:

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Oh my I misread your question I’ve always checked on Sundays or the first of month after requesting a sample

between 9pm and 12pm eastern time

Thank you so much this helps so much

I just so happened to check just now and saw there’s a PowerPort Speed PD 5 Ports on there. That’s something new that wasn’t there before

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I just checked and on my side it’s empty.
EDIT : And now there are 2 products :

PowerDrive 2
Aux Audio Cable

I chose the audio cable because I actually need one in my car. I already have a dual charging port for my car.