Congratulations to the Soundbuds Slim+ Testers!



Thank You - Looking forward to the testing.


Update: I found my original Slims this morning! The comparison is on!


Congratulations to the winners!


wohoooooo great to hear!!!


@AnkerOfficial do you know what the size of the drivers is? Can’t find that info anywhere.


I'm most interested in battery life and weight in ears difference. I love the Slim but it can't do, for example, a 16 hours flight to Europe so I have to plug in a Powercore at times when don't need buds. I have the Life but they don't pack so small so something in between is my focus.


Would have thought they were the same as the original Slims as isn't the 'upgrade' mainly due to aptx, internal nano coating and accessories?

I did see a reference to 12mm drivers on a Dec 16 FCC for the Slim's but we know what can happen on FCC information...


SoundBuds Slim Lightning Deal ($19.50)

Less than one hour remaining at time of post.


Would not better speakers cause a drop in battery life?


I see what you did there.


congrat tester wish i am in US now :(((


cant wait for these reviews


Congrats to the winners! Will plan to buy one soon


So I should be able to do a valid audio quality test as my phone supports APTX

Might be worth checking for the other testers.


I would have thought so if the driver size has been increased (which I don't believe has been), the only thing I can see is the introduction of aptx codec/technology to the hardware.


So your current best educated guess is just better audio quality?


Based off what @AnkerOfficial mentioned in the other Slim+ thread, yep, just an upgrade;


I think these are the next SoundBuds I'm putting my hands on...


Just ordered mine this morning. Should get it early next week. Then about 2 weeks comes the review.


Congrats guys and gals.