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Same thing, when Louise swapped to PEI there was a drop, as if a full time dedicated became a shared person.

They have to do something different when then kick off testing to , say, limit to a minimum level of involvement required.


If I can say 1 thing about these positions, it’s that they are positions and they definitely need to be filled. That’s 2 things I guess, lol… may whomsoever assumes these roles be persons who truly deserve it.

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Interesting thing that I saw recently as to who the Head of Brand Partnership and Advocacy person is…

When I made a comment on an anker/soundcore FB page. I got a like from Loz as he was liking several of the comments. So I clicked his name and saw that his intro stated that he is the former brand manager of Soundcore and the current Head of Brand Partnership and Advocacy at Anker.


Yes we’ve known Lawrence for many years, he was leading the video based streams here, then left, then returned but with Soundcore focus.

I wonder what is the relationship relative to Edo.

Lawrence 5 years ago



glad to see Lawrence is back with us again. hopefully the new job positions will have things run a little smoother here on the community


The community represent threat and opportunity.

The threat is it’s an uncontrolled unsupported place to seek support and vent.

The opportunity is to help owners prospective / recent.

To solve the threat they need to implement a smarter platform which directs questions to existing answers, much more than present.

To help with the opportunities, simply a reasonable level of competitions and prizes as they did in the past.

I hope they don’t do the Soundcore leaderboard, it kills participation as only the same few handful of users take turns winning, as you can’t win unless you put in a month’s effort so an all-in-or-nothing wall.


agreed I like how this community was when participation was a little higher and not due to giveaways. I do like the weekly updates they do on soundcore I feel it keeps us a little more in the loop than on here where we sometimes feel forgotten. The same few of us do our best to redirect questions to past answers or provide new answers but there are still a bunch that go unanswered


Hi, i want to join

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Out of curiosity we’re these positions ever filled, especially the third one?

Judging by the massive uptake in admin responses recently…I’m guessing not :wink: :grin:

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It’s a prioritization decision they put more budget into social media roles. You can infer that from the location.

And yet the many support threads here shows the need for a community manager.

On the positive side we can discuss the Liberty 3 Pro here


I was thinking the same. But then thought maybe it was filled but they moved the person elsewhere

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Wait the what 3 what?? Lol should be on the books soon shouldn’t it?

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The ones who got review units for L2P+ will likely have the L3P in their hands now and should release their reviews on the announcement day.

There’s oodles of Soundcore coming soon, most won’t be launched as there’s too many but I do expect the L3P to get a launch event. Makes sense to do it early October for then the discount to apply on Cyber Monday 6 weeks later.

9 Soundcore stuff coming soon

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Seems they have doubled up and down on their Grammy producers this time around :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently have the first gen L2P so wouldn’t mind having a go at these ones to see the audio differences…and there has been a few Soundcore beta surveys popping out as of recent :innocent:

Lucky beta testers… :grimacing:

I think their beta testers are heavily USA focused. It’s a single large market, relatively easy to import items straight from China.

I only hope they do good reviews. There are comments that review units are out and product release mid-October. That is highly believable. That gives enough time to sell at full price then do the deep discount for late November weekend sale.

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Beta testers are very lucky for sure. Hope they do a good job and catch a lot of issues early

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Good ANC while also good sound is challenging.

Some do!
We know them! :grinning: