Charging devices while charging PowerCore+ 26800mAh

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I will continue to search for a passthrough battery and buy it if I find one. And I will continue to make bad review if I buy a battery that doesn’t do passthrough.
[/quote] seriously dude that is the wrong kind of attitude to have and to give a product a negative review because it doesn’t have something you want that it wasn’t designed for is wrong. You can be mad all you want but it will not change the fact a product cannot do something it wasn’t designed for just because you think it should and claim it shouldn’t be that hard. If it wasn’t that hard to do everyone would have that feature.


Couldn’t have said it better myself :thumbsup:

Related to the fact it doesn’t do passthrough, if it was misleading.

By the way, I never talk about “cheap”. I don’t like “cheap”.

Regardless what your reasoning is, it never claimed to do any type of pass through. You just assumed that it did so and then proceeded to degrade the product because of it


Doesn’t a 4 or 5+ port wall charger solve all these issues ?

Just charge everything you need overnight.


That’s what I do. The current issue is there isn’t a dual port USB PD charger. I’m using the dual 2A 26800 input 3A output on my stuff for now, it’s worked for a year but not perfect.

Man, the responses here are extremely condescending and unhelpful. My particular use-case for passthru charging is to connect the battery to a USB charging port on my motorcycle and connect multiple devices to the battery. I would like the battery to prioritize charging the devices as a simple power splitter and place any excess capacity into charging the battery. It has become clear that this device is not acceptable for this use case, but are there others that will work in this way?