Ummm I do? :joy:


Yeah… not working still


Maybe it’s back up now, cos it’s working fine on my end


Thanks, @Macgyver15!

Please try again, everyone.

@TheDude, @TechMan, @Quinn_Armstrong, @Chiquinho, @Tank, @Alex_Honnor, @rtena, @Mark_Dunsmore

Any browser should work now.


It does, thanks!


Thanks! I don’t think this is very accurate. They’re trying to get me to spend extra money. If my phone can only charge at 18w, why are they trying to get me to buy a more expensive 30w charger?

This is just to trick people into buying more expensive products. Shame on anker


Yes, I don’t agree with many of the recommendations.

Still working on my own buying guides, but was hoping to wait until more PowerIQ 3.0 devices were released… Maybe I’ll just post now and revise later.


There is a great new ad from Anker on Social Media… check it out


Updated original post with new video


@Insider Have to say, searching your name / tagging on thread now is much easier :slight_smile:


iphone SE is mistakenly identified 5E


Good eyes you got there @kumar.sachin

This is what @kumar.sachin was saying about.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical fya


I feel like I need to upgrade my phone so I can buy their latest charger lol


Thanks @Insider for posting this, I thought the video was a bit silly.

Btw, this is what I was recommended


Lol subscribe to the anker channel. They post that stuff all the time :joy:


When the phone battery is about to die and you are searching for source to charge your phone… You’d is the exact situation we find ourselves most of the time :rofl: … Video shows what happens most of the time… Just a bit exaggerated, dramatized


I just might do that lol

Haha that is true :joy::joy:

Always remember to #UseAnkerInstead guys


Thanks @Insider for posting this


Just Checked working On Safari.


Yep. It got fixed