Celebrate Father’s Day with Roav



Congrats to @Insider on your birthday. I hope you had a good one and best wishes to you!!


Well since I have time I’ll congratulate all the winners
For first prize congrats to:
@xiixcg, @ARTHUR_BRIAN_MOTT, @Tank


Congrats to 2nd prize winners
@Fuu_bar, @star100x, @Quinn_Armstrong, @Oggyboy, @gstonge


And finally to 3rd prize winners
@Duane_Lester, @Bryson_Cleveland1, @stevebrantleydesigns, @JLS1967, @Timothy_Davidson, @Ellen_Stafford, @Monk3e


And finally to 3rd prize winners cont.
@Insider, @eistee888, @Curtis_Lu1
Enjoy your new Roav items


Looks like almost all (almost…) participants were winners :thumbsup:


https://www.amazon.com/SmartCharge-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Hands-Free-Compatible/dp/B07NPNXWQ3/?tag=cm-sales-us-2019-20 I sent this to the anker contact us email as I was looking at which the giveaway prizes. The reason is that the description had the word received misspelled on Amazon description of the smart charge. It was stating recieved. It had the i before the e after c.


Yeah, I saw that after I posted. Lol, oh well. It’s a speed I’m willing to share in person, over beers. But not in print :wink:


@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical did you guys send out the email for our address for this yet? Or are you using the address you have on file? Because in havnt received any emal yet asking for it


They both were busy to “inflate” the emojis.
Needs a lot of air!


yay! how do we claim our prize? wait for an email?


Not yet, we will send the mail tomorrow!


Yes! Wait for the mail tomorrow to submit your shipping address to us!


Teach me to be strong. Hooray!


Has anyone received their prizes as of yet?


Nothing yet, but their email states:

" You should receive your prize before July 31st, 2019 ."


I havent, but there is still 3 weeks or so left so I am not concerned yet.


I got mine like 2 weeks ago


You will receive the prize before July 20th.


Fine we see some well known members here!!!