Capsule II | Exclusive Community Discount ($180 OFF)


Hey, Nebula Fans!

Can you believe it’s been 2 months since we released Capsule II? Time flies when you’re having fun with Nebula.

Since its launch, Capsule II has mesmerized audiences with its vivid 720p HD picture and spine-tingling sound. Thousands now wield the power to take the magic of the movies with them wherever they go.

Of course, we couldn’t have got this far without you guys, our superstar community members. Capsule II may have officially launched 2 months ago, but many of you have been supporting it since we first announced the Kickstarter campaign—back in November 2018

To thank you all for your continued support, we’ve cooked up a little surprise. An exclusive community discount of…wait for it…$180!

That’s right. We’re giving 10 lucky people the chance to get a huge $180 discount off Capsule II—the lowest ever price! For only $399.99, you can get your hands on the World’s First Android TV Pocket Cinema.

To be in with a chance to snap up Capsule II for this historically low price, you’ll need to come up with a kick-ass testing plan. Want to take advantage of the summer nights with movies under the stars? Then why not create your own personal drive-in movie screening with your friends and family? Wow us!

Once chosen, the 10 lucky winners will receive their exclusive discount code, as well as a free Capsule II accessory of their choice once their review has been submitted. And make sure your review blows our socks off because the top 3 reviews will be featured in the next Community Monthly Highlights. Oh, and they’ll also receive 500 PowerBucks to use in the future auctions and PowerDraws.

If this has wetted your entertainment appetite, check out the rules down below and enter now!

Good luck everyone.

Rules and Conditions

  1. Complete the application to let us know that you would like to get this exclusive deal.

  2. Your testing plan should be concise, neat, and to the point.

  3. Only open to US residents.

  4. Once selected, we will send over the flash deal codes via private message. We will update the post to inform how many codes are left.

  5. You can post your review anywhere you like: on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), YouTube, the Anker Community, blogs, forums, deal websites, or other online spaces where you’d like to share your experience with others.

  6. Once you’ve posted your review, submit the link to your review by sending @AnkerOfficial a private message. We will send you a Capsule II accessory of your choice—either a tripod or a travel case. For the top 3 reviews, we will reward the user with 500 PowerBucks to use in the future auctions and PowerDraws in the community.

  7. Once you have submitted your review, Nebula reserves the right to use, edit, and repost.

  8. Nebula reserves the right for the final explanation.

UPDATE: There is ONLY 1 code left.


This is a pretty cool giveaway.


God Bless America, good luck guys who is entering :+1:

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NICE! Florida nights are too hot (or wet) in summer… I’ll cross my fingers come winter.

So like a we love testing event, but you still have to pay? I know you used to have to pay $1 for the events, but this is significant…

Good luck getting 10 testers…

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Great giveaway!

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I’ll have to ponder if I will test or not! $399 is still no small purchase!

Thanks to @AnkerOfficial for the generous offer and good luck to those who enter! :four_leaf_clover:

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Nice contest. I will have to pass this time around. Just bought a new car and our Texas summer nights are to hot and full blood thirsty mosquitoes to make watching a movie outdoors any fun. Good luck everyone.

You could try planting some plants that naturally repel mosquitoes.

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Take it with me on my trip to Jamaica in September. Nothing better than relaxing on the beach at night with your favorite content!

Just bought the Capsule on Prime day. Not sure if I can justify the $399

Hehe- return the capsule and get the capsule 2. Then you get a free accessory!

My testing plan would be using it with an NGO project I work with in Tanzania called Neema House ( We have Swahili language video that helps teach people about children born with physical disabilities and the Capsule is perfect to take into these villages to show to a multiple people. Most projectors don’t charge via USB and that’s a critical element to be able to charge with an Anker power bank where there is no electricity.

I can only say that this price is the lowest in history, because capsule II has been selling very well since its launch, so far we have not done any discount activities, this discount is also only for community users! By spending $399.99, you will get a Capsule II, a accessory, and also 500 powerbucks for powerdraw.

Missing this offer, there won’t be such a low discount next time.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Sbmcfaddin Code has been sent to you via private message! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is a great deal.

Wish I had the money to spend :frowning:

Any chance Anker could find it in their hearts to send me a sample so that I could better assist people with questions? My birthday is coming up :grin:


Why not the latest version plus a free accessory! (Community Only) :sunglasses:

Because he already bought the capsule 1… he doesnt really need both, even if the 2 is better lol

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It is a nice cool event, but not a giveaway, at $399.99 is still a high dollar amount for one to buy, but for interested folks this is a great deal!!


I am sure the prices will come down again, just saw a deal now for $449.99 for Nebula Capsule II with $30 Coupon on Amazon and promo CAPS2AUG

But Anker’s deal on this post is great one, for it also includes the Case or the Tripod