Can the eufycam have a constant power supply

I really like my eufycam and have 2 more on order, but with the location of it the battery drains faster than I’d like. Would there be any issues with having it permanently powered by usb?

In addition to that it’d be great if powered if they could record 24x7 like the arlo pro 2 can

I guess permantly powering by USB at 5V would be no problem, as long as the battery isn’t 100% full all the time or for longer periods. But as i am very experienced with heavy-in-use eufy cams (200-300 videos daily, each 1 min, draining empty every 2 weeks!) you may wanna read and check this out:

Correct me if i am wrong, but even if wired-powered the current firmware and homebase do not support 24/7 recording.

Eufy don’t support 24/7 but Arlo does if externally powered (PSU or solar)

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@Haloweenhamster yes that was my point. I know it’s not supported at the moment, but it’d be great if it was when permanently powered. I mostly got the camera for the ai side of things without the subscription.

Hello! @andrewpmoore At the current stage, a fully charged camera can last for almost one year in the most common usage scenarios, but the specific battery duration may be influenced by various factors such as the number of times motion is detected, recording time duration, and environmental temperatures. The camera can be connected to the power supply all the time, but once the camera is plugged in permanently, which means the charging port opens all the time, you need to take waterproof-related measures carefully to avoid the water permeating inside, especially when the camera is installed outside.

In addition, we much appreciate for your valuable suggestion about 24x7 recording. We will try our best to forward the expectation to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the following product improvement plan.

Thank you!


Thank you, I too would like the option to use continuous recording. You could even have a pop up warning with confirmation that we understand it could drain the battery in a week or whatever. :slight_smile:

On the busiest EufyCam 2 at front of house I fitted a Eufy Solar panel, the battery level only drops to less than 100% from October to March ( when solar no good in UK anyway ). I record 60 second clips with 5 second gap. Eufy was never meant for continuous 24/7 recording - if you want that get a wired system like Swann with NVR / DVR which the camera is on all the time and will buffer record ( will show the 30 seconds or more before the camera was triggered by a movement ). I have both systems installed and they both have pro and con points. The pro of Eufy is I can monitor using my phone from anywhere, and cameras are easy to re-site if required. I also had problems with the ‘always on’ ( during darkness ) infra-red lights on Swann, they attract spider which means I have a long handled brush to clean spiders off every day. Because my Eufy cameras are high up, I need to extend movement sensing area by external Eufy stand-alone remote movement sensors linked to Homebase and set up in ‘automation’ to trigger one or more cameras.