Calling at all Power Users, our new sample page has arrived!



I am happy to wait @AnkerOfficial


No. I am approved for all the companies and I’m in the US other US community members said they have had codes and such. Then I got an email from rosa today. Saying she’s looked over my stuff and there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Which is wrong.


Thank you :chocolate_bar:


I have been patiently waiting to try to be a beta tester and I cannot wait to become one (already a Power User). What determines who gets to be an early beta tester?

Also, while I was waiting for my chance to beta test a product, I've noticed that the products on the power user page with the discounts are very often sent via email anyway, so it loses its exclusivity....

Altogether the Power User program with its discount code is losing its "exclusive"privilege feeling, since its being sent to subscribers anyway.

just my 2 cents, cant wait for beta testing though!!!


You do have a point regrading discounts but for beta testing, Anker will contact you directly if there is a need to beta test a new product.


Why so impatient?
Havent you got not enough presents?
Greediness will leed to adiposis 🤣


Lets be real, one can never have enough presents :wink:

BUT, on the real real, i was shedding light to how some people might be feeling, since the supposed "exclusive" power user program discount items are being sent to regular email subscribers, so its pretty much not serving its purpose, or rather, its losing its purpose slowly. :slight_smile:


How do you know the discount from power user is the same as the one being sent via email? Sure they may seem the same but they may not be, either way it falls in their marketing team if it is. Someone posted that they were able to stack their deals to get an even lower price, so maybe that is an option


I dont know why many PUs are thinking Anker is our St. Claus. If they dont like the company's behaviour they should go in strike . :joy:



Difference being, for me, I'm a paranoid skeptic! lol

However, I don't think of Anker O, as Mr claus, more as a WHO, from the Grinch... Happy n smiling Hahahaha


There is one thing which is really strange.
They start big campaigns quasi daily,
BUT we never see any winners or results.

So my simple question is:
Is there a winner of this UK/DE RoboVac campain?

I was "winning" a 30 Euro coupon.
Am I the only one?
Please enlighten us Ankerofficial, though you have told us not beeing involved.
This would be more than fair.
And if you REALLY dont know please ask your EUVY-buddy.
And if there is someone here around who was a lucky winner, tell us, we are not jealous at all.
Otherway this all seems bogus.
I know this sounds quite harsh, but we should be able to discuss all this free and frankly


not saying all, but from time to time, I just realized that the discounts on some of the items on the email correspond with the discount on PU page.

Either way, I can't wait for how the new beta system is gonna look/function like.


I entered BOTH eufy giveaways, and I got nothing from either.

The more recent (2nd) comp, with a £1000 (GBP) and several vacs, say I didn't enter properly a d all prizes given away, despite THEIR mistake with the entries.... Stinks of something,

Considering how many vacs being given away, NOT ONE is from the community. YES I KNOW IT WAS GLOBAL. still, statistically speaking, community members would have been a HUGE percentage of entries.... Yet not one winner and only 1 voucher.



all I gotta say is keep barking up the tree and they may just decide to end all giveaways. whether you believe someone won or not, take it as it is that you didn't win and move on.
Not trying to make you a bad person, you obviously know this, just saying take it as it is and let it be. They do far too many giveaways a year and spend countless money doing so, if they choose not to list the winners then that is there choice and who are we to question them when they have blessed us with so much more.



It's a forum, and.people are just thinking out loud, that's all it is.. certainly on my part.

I know Anker has been and is being very generous in its giveaways... Know one doubts that or believes otherwise, but sometimes, you gotta wonder‽

Considering companies, like Vodafone (and it's subsidiaries) disney, Etc Al. All seem able to email EVERYONE in their global comps, so sometimes, people get to wondering.

I know when I worked at the Grand-Met Trust, I often did (back then it was called...) Mail Merges, to select who to send letters/newsletters to in the group, shareholders (whatever group)... Email was still fledgling back then and it wasn't considered a professional way to bulk send stuff.
It would take me less than 30 mins to set it up from the dBASE of account holders (as called now).

Now everyday people enter Anker group competitions, with some ticking g the NO EMAILS box. Obvs each person's details are held under ankers privacy settings, yet each time they send out (let's say) the sales emails part of Anker corp, they'll do so, only to those who said yes to emails. This would be done via an automated dBASE and the search criteria set to "don't send to NO tickers" . If that can be done each time by group, country etc, then surely 1 email could be sent saying ... Competition over and sorry you didn't win, or here's your voucher, here is your prize await an email to request postal information.

I think, that's all some are asking, or wondering about.

Its not about dissing Anker, it's about people "just" wondering, and thinking.out.loud (as I said above).

When we start jumping on n.critising people thinking out loud, we walk a tight line with stopping g free speech/control.

I'm all for shutting.up people dissing g our distinguished leader @AnkerOfficial , but we the difference.

Sorry for typos n strange punctuation, as it's just turned midnight here!


We can't disclose winners' emails to the public, which violates their privacy. As I explained before, this kind of huge giveaway campaign is usually running on many other channels beside community. All the winners are picked by the system randomly. We can't guarantee that any community member will win any of it.


heard, but is there a way for us to not be stuck with ONE product. What I mean is, twice now I have accidently clicked on the button instead if the product, to look at it on Amazon or wherever, and I end up stuck with a code I'm not gonna use, which will go against my PU status. It would be nice if there was a way to not be stuck with the one product sometimes. I understand that if we are allowed to viewe multiple then someone COULD try to use more than one code, if #Anker could verify the code was never used, then it MAY be possible to do what I am asking. Anyway love you guys #Anker #soundcore


Write Rosa an email.
She will help you.


No more free items to test right ? at least I haven't seen any in months...


Yeah.. not really anything else to do anymore. No codes or products. Try the giveaways, maybe you'll get lucky :slight_smile: