Bright daylight affecting RoboVac 11c

Well, I have been about a month now with my Eufy Robovac, and my life is complete - almost! I was considering changing my carpets in the near future but Ernie (that’s his name) has saved me. Every week day at 10am he just trundles around the downstairs of my house and sucks up everything he can find.

However, all was well until yesterday. Now Spring has finally arrived here in the UK, Ernie seems to get stuck if he heads towards the bright daylight coming in through the Patio doors. He is absolutely fine if it is slightly overcast or cloudy, but if the sun is streaming in full strength, he seems to think he is stuck/hanging over an edge.

Anyone else had this?

Can’t say I’ve read any others mentioning light causing issues but I would not think it being unthinkable for bright light to interfere with the drop sensors, especially if the carpet colour is a good reflector of light…might confuse the sensors

Perhaps @AnkerTechnical can shed some light?

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You could try this and see if UV is the factor. If it do

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I shouldn’t laugh, but I just have this image of a little bot freaking out over a line on the floor :laughing:
Rather cute! :smile_cat:

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We’ve our little Alfie (that’s what we call our little robovac) 3 months and have had very little issues. Most of the time it just jams up and needs a good cleaning. I know the sensors mess up if theres’ dust on them. It wouldn’t surprise me if bright light may cause an issue.

I wounder if shinning a light on the sensors as works will damage it or cause it to stop working. @AnkerSupport can you answer this for me?

Quick update… It seems to only be when it is direct sunlight that Ernie has this problem. I change his routine to be a little later in the day and although bright and sunny outside with lots of “ambient” light, he isn’t bothered by it anymore. Sod’s law I had him running during the time my patio doors get the sun directly before :smirk:

Handy tip there. :slight_smile:

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Your Ernie may be a vampire, I’m happy to hear that it has recovered.:joy:


Yup, we have the same problem with our Eufy (Geoffrey). Now the sun is a little higher in the sky a bright sunny morning like today creates patches of bright sunlight and the floor and he really doesn’t like them! Usually a cloud comes over or he manages to shuffle out the way so it’s not a major problem.

Hello, I looked on this forum to see if anyone else is having the same problem and it appears a few of you do. Our Eufy hates sunlight and given that we have a very sunny house, he is missing quite a lot of the floor. It’s not the end of the world, however, I have him set to work at 3am and he likes the dark and gets on with it! When we first saw him move towards the sunlight, he was all confused and kept freaking out so, at least, we know what it is and he is not malfunctioning. Other than this little anomaly, we are very pleased with him. I just need to teach him to iron now and my life will be complete :wink:


I think it hates the sun because more dust specks are shown during sunny conditions and it screws with the sensors so it sees dust and dirt every way it moves.but nothing wrong with cleaning at night, less traffic and better for cleaning. You get to wake up to nice clean floors

Yes ! for the last couple of days mine is stopping and bleeping 3 times . I’ve changed the filter and brushes cleaned it thoroughly and today it dawned on me it only stops in one room ,

defiantly thinks the shadow is a ledge !

This is a problem with all robotic vacuums as they are required to have a drop sensor for security. Simply close your blinds and it’ll clean as per usual.

Our vacuum buddy, NuNu, gets stuck on our wood floors where there is direct sunlight. We do not own blinds or curtains to cover that large sliding door. It is quite annoying since we like our Saturday morning cleaning routine. Sounds travels too well between floors to run him in sleeping hours anyway. It would be ideal if Anker could design around the issue with an upgraded version. In the meantime we will need to find less ideal times to clean… well for NuNu to clean (;

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As mentioned before, its an inherent problem with almost all robotics vacuums due to the sensors that are required. Darkness and brightness has similar effects when run automatically…a work around if you so choose is to manually control it with the remote. My sister made a game out of it with her kids and now they get in on the cleaning fun every weekend taking turns controlling the vacuum

I’ve been having this issue also (only after DSL and the sun is in one spot), our vac gets stuck in a sunny square in the kitchen. It took me over a week to figure out what the deal was, but the fact it was the exact same spot every time was a dead giveaway. It doesn’t even let me drive it out with the remote control because poor Charlie is scared of the sun line. :laughing: I guess one day I can figure out what time the sun ISN’T shining into the kitchen and reset the Vac to clean then (we don’t have any other direct sunlight coming in here, and no curtains or blinds either on that window). I guess that’s the only fix because I don’t want to tinker with the sensors and have it fly down the stairs!