Bluetooth Router - Connect more than 4 Bluetooth Speakers / headphones simulataneously

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There have been some posts asking for connecting multiple Bluetooth Speakers… with lot of limitations, and app requirements (Appme, Google Home) or hardware vendor specific (sonos, soundcore 2 device pairing), but nothing kind of real bluetooth solution to address these.

I have searched for a lot of it, ended up with Google Home devices… but with limitation of streaming online media.

Can Anker Soundcore Implement a true Bluetooth Router / Hub , which can act as a bluetooth transmitter to connect to more than 4 or may be even 8 or 16 devices concurrently / simultaneously… so we can have a cluster of speakers … this is awesome for wireless streaming like within in small party hall or pool party.

Also try the license / subscription… you can increase the number of bluetooth connections based on the license / subscription go 32 based on the device mac / bluetooth identifier … additonal avenue for revenue and growth (i am sure, lot of members here will dislike it… but this is the way for future applications)

As I said in the other post, and in precious posts to that, android and Samsung Bluetooth settings, you can chose DUAL AUDIO


This allows you to send audio to 2 different receivers (speakers/headphones etc).

If those receivers also allow multiple devices (stereo mode on Soundcore 2) you could POTENTIALLY have this doubled. So in the case of Soundcore 2, you COULD have 2 lots of stereo mode/4 speakers.

Of course, you can using a receiver and sender, send audio to unlimited speakers (OBVS limited to number of speakers owned, receiver/sender limitations).

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Very good point!!

However looking for a scalable Device which should be easy to connect… Currently there are BT transmitters which connect 2 BT speakers / Headsets. There should be transmitter which should connect / provide services for 4 or more easily!

I don’t think that’s the answer. Anker needs to work on the ability to connect more than two speakers similar how to how JBL speakers can use Bluetooth to daisy chain speakers.

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Sounds good, if Anker Soundcore can provide this that will be good, a huge value add to existing Soundcore owners!

I have the Avantree TC417 transmitter, and can pair 2 BT headers to it, it’s very easy Seamless pairing, and works on most BT Headsets / speakers.

Ideal solution would be to have similar transmitter, to connect more than 4 devices or may be 8 or 16 BT speakers, more like a hub.

This solution should have Easy BT pairing, connection to Anker Soundcore and other brand BT devices.

Did some more web searching, found this, Something of this sort … Cassia Hub

Having had a QUICK look on Google, only devices I can find, are either boosters and send to only 2 devices, or kits like Sonos

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The only device that I can find that supports that are a handful of Samsung devices. It is believed that Samsung put two BT chips in the phones that support it to allow for this to work, or completely rewrote the BT driver (making it non-standard) to accomplish this.

It seems there may have been a misunderstanding of the BT 5.0 spec that includes the ability to have multiple devices paired at once to a device (which all BT 5.0 devices seem to support).

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I think BT is not good at transmit lots of data, especially multi channel audio bcuz audio message is sensitive to delay, you won’t get perfect music from asynchronous music source.
However WiFi is more suitable for sync multi channel transmit for it features some buffering mechanism. I know an APP named ‘AmpMe’ which use WiFi to turn your cells to a multi speaker system, you may have a try :wink:

Ampme is great but requires an additional phone for every 1 or 2 speakers depending on whether or not your phone supports dual audio.

Better to have travel/Bluetooth speakers connect to each other and not limited to two speakers.

Home speakers are a completely different story Wi-Fi all the way.