Battery swelled on C1 Pro

Cheers for the heads up. I will check on mine tomorrow. Been pretty warm here too.

Close call indeed.


With temps like that, I’d hate to imagine how warm it would be in direct sunlight inside the car :scream:

@bill_rae Please note that this is NOT a safety issue.

For your information, we have learned that a small number of our early Roav DashCam products may be affected by extreme in-car temperatures causing the screen to pop out. It is normal for a battery to expand in higher temperatures which is why products are designed to accommodate what the industry refers to as “swelling.” In our earlier Roav Dashcam products, there wasn’t enough room in the design to accommodate for extreme heat expansion causing the screen to bulge out. New versions have fixed this issue.

In this situation, we are glad to arrange an exchange for you.

Please send email to us at, we will help you for sure.


ok, i didnt think the pro’s were affected and the problem had been resolved in the non pro version before pro’s were released

I live in North Texas and see temps on a occasion getting close 110. Be in July and August we see temps between 98 and 105 on average. Even in the shade our interiors get hot. Seeing an early C1 pop like that doesn’t surprise me. The newer models shouldn’t have an issue. I am waiting to see how well my ROAV cam does this summer.

Anker support will help get this sorted out.

its on its way in to the Roav graveyard. New one should be here next week i assume

roav sent me a replacement (gracias amigos) and I will stick in window today and see if it can handle a SW OK summer

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Hopefully all goes well. I need to stop being lazy and get mine installed in my car, too nice of weather for me to hunker down in the heat to install it and I just been enjoying the weather instead. But I need to get it installed before I make the move to North Carolina as its gonna be a 18 hour drive and I’d rather have that for those just in case moments

Wow, I am really surprised this is still an issue. I bought a C1 and Anker later offered me the option of either participating in the recall or getting an extended warranty. I opted for the latter since I knew I would upgrade sooner or later, but was glad they had a fix and assumed they had implemented it in the Pro.

I upgraded to the Pro about a week ago and it has been pretty hot here. I suppose we’ll see.

its been in the 100+'s here lately. I have a foldable windshield sunscreen (UVS100) and it was almost too hot to the touch yesterday to fold up. My windows are tinted and I crack all 4 windows to let heat escape but it’s still brutal

I’m really watching my cam to see if it survives, but so far so good!

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so update, i noticed my new replacement cam popped its screen again, im guessing the battery swelled and pushed it out. battery doesn’t look swollen anymore (its been in 30’s here so not a lot of sun heat) but doubt the screen would become unseated on its own. :sob:

C1 Pro screen just popped. Was told it’s out of warranty. That’s 2 failures for me. 1st was at 2 months. No power. Replaced. 13 months later the screen. So disappointed.

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for devices that are kept in cars, li-ion batteries are not suitable at all. Instead supercapacitors should be used.
Understandably it will have less operating life/charge but it will have virtually unlimited cycle life and will be extremely safe to use. No more battery swelling issues.

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they are lipo batts in c1

it don’t matter Lithium Polymer are still li-ion battery and can swell

since i started the thread complaining about my battery swelling i am aware of that

Good for you

I just contacted ROAV with this issue as well and this was their response.

Thank you for contacting Roav! So sorry to hear about the issue with your replacement Dashcam! We would love to make this right for you.

I understand you’ve been through a lot of hassle dealing with the battery issue. So sorry to hear the same problem has happened again! This is an unusual situation. As per my experience, it should be the hot summer caused the battery swollen so that the screen popped out. Please let us know the temperature both inside and outside of your car. I wonder if your car’s cigarette lighter supply power always? If so, please let us know your car’s model #. We will ask our engineer to look into this case and find the root cause.

To address your concern, please know that according to our warranty policy, replacements fall under the same timeline as the original purchase. So your warranty on the replacement expired on June 30 of 2019. I am so sorry that we cannot exchange for you.

We register all defects and evaluate them statistically. These statistics enable us to identify any increased defect rates or concentrated product problems. So thank you for letting us know about your product.

If the item you’re having issues with happens to be from a different order that was placed within the past 12 months, please let me know and I will look into it.

Again, I apologize for any and all disappointment!

@voignier.mark at the bottom of that email you should see something like escalate this to a supervisor. I would do that because this is clearly an issue with the camera and they acknowledged it by offering a replacement and not something of your own fault irrespective of the warranty and hey should own up to it and replace it

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i went to the duo dashcam, its capacitor based. So far has survived a month of 94-102 temps