Battery Life - How Long Before You Charge?

i love tech that rarely needs to be charged really makes it so much easier to not have to constantly worry about them

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I can speak only of the FLARE.
Great sound indeed.
I have had different speakers (Anker as well) but I kept the FLARE.

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Agreed! Battery life is a big deal with on-the-go things like speakers. It’s nice to be able to use them consistently for a decent amount of time without the worry of a drained battery.

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I use my soundcore 2 pretty much daily, in the shower listening to podcasts before work and also around the apartment while getting ready for work, I charge about once a month. very impressed with the battery


I have the Soundbuds life this is my second one and neither one charges have used all different charges and cables computers had the green light on both turned them on and they shut down and have not worked since. will never buy them again. going to bbb and state attorney for putting out a product they knew does not work

I googled why anker battery lasts forever. Hah! Can’t remember when i last charged mine.