Anyone won anything in the Anker free unlimited gift Holiday thingy?

When I saw the email in my inbox this morning, I was like, “Yay!!! A free gift from Anker.” Then I opened the email and it was a 5% coupon and I’m like, “No!!!” I felt like a kid that was let down on Christmas morning with a brand new electronic toy but no batteries. Lol. I think I was more disappointed that it wasn’t really a “gift” as much as a promotion. Oh well.

Especially with the depiction of a christmas tree with Anker items as the decorations. Boy did that email get my juices flowing and then back to reality after what seemed like hours of the shaking of the tree only to reveal that pitiful 5% lol. What a joke.:angry:

Agreed “gift” = free, which a 5% discount isn’t.

I agree 5% is pretty weak. Almost better not even offering any discount!

Haha, same feeling here
A 50% off coupon would be a cool ‘gift’ but a measly 5% is a joke.

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Yep not the best but it is still 5% off an item which you wouldn’t have had in the first place, hence they treat it as a gift. I would have though for such a promotion that they would have increased a bit more and made it available for none US customers :astonished:

Nothing also they houd have the giveaways in the menu

I didn’t even bother clicking as I saw it was US-only. Waste of my time even opening it, and if it was just 5% off, why make it US-only??!?

Yeah, didn’t notice the US only thing myself until I had already gone through the link. Although I’ve had a 25% off purchases email via this morning…valid until 20th December…

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I just tried the email anyway and got 5% off. As everyone else has said, it’s pretty derisory. I doubt many will get used.

In fact, here is my code for anyone who wants to use it: 9P7G-EHNL53-3VYQ6S

It’s good for 5% off Anker stuff (not all their stuff though) at Amazon US. Enjoy.

I have to say, Anker’s gift promo is legit. I won a PowerCore+ mini! I am very excited and can’t wait to receive the gift!

Just keep working on some referrals and maybe you will get lucky!

Thank you Anker!

Really? How many people did you add?

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the feedback! We hear you loud and clear, and we’ll do our best to improve your experience in the future.

There’re 200 Anker products up for grabs everyday from December 12th to December 20th. Every entrant will at minimum receive a 5% discount voucher. Winners can be found HERE and will be updated every day until the event is over.

Prizes include:

To learn more please head to our official post thread.


Did anyone use their 5% off coupons?

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And what can you use it for?

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I never even bothered. It’s 1-5 dollars worth of discount max depending on which product you buy… Not even worth using lol.

I also only got a 5% off

What do you do when you sign up to anker

start reading through some of the forums. lots of topics and lots of answers

no i just signed up