Any promo codes for USB type C cables?

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Hi @Christopher_Knox,
I couldn’t locate any specific promotions currently, but perhaps a pair of USB-C adapters for $7 (on Amazon US) would help in the meantime? These will convert your extra Micro USB cables into USB-C cables.


Yes and I metered these adapters and they performed just as well as a USB-C cable.

So if like me you’re straddling mixed devices, traveling with the adapters can be less bulk than separate cables for different devices.


Also, Anker has said that they plan to launch USB type C PowerLine Duras soon, so be on the lookout!

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It looks like a new deal was posted today for a 2-pack of USB-C cables:
40% off code AK8166SD
$11.99 for two

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! Love Anker products.

I am curious to know more about this new USB type C PowerLine Duras cable :electric_plug: that you speak of ! :sunglasses: