Any plans for Anker app

Maybe, but they have sooo many different parts to this site, I usually have several tabs open just to browse the forum, the site, power user deal and now their reddit. Wouldn’t be nice to have a compact style view of your notifications and their product updates. Not to mention the emails. So, I had a problem in the past where their email were being sent to spam, but only some, actually the ones where I won something usually and I missed out. If all of that could be put in an app where I could scan over the most recent replies, emails or just general notifications from #Anker then I think I would be able to be a better member of the community. Plus for @AnkerOfficial it will, in my mind, be another way to “advertise” your company!

Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
Our first step is to upgrade the community and make it successful access to discourse APP this year.
I think your suggestion will be achieved in the foreseeable future.:grin:

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I bet it’s in progress…

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sweet, that’s going to be awesome @AnkerOfficial please keep us updated on this thread!


It’s funny how I started the post and I’m replying to this, I am currently finishing a InfoTech program, I also know a few people who work fro themselves who might be interested, but as per @AnkerOfficial, they are already working on it.

What recommendations do you for #Anker or any developers who may currently be working on a new app?

Geeat point @C4RB1N3

To everybody asking for an Anker forum App How about just adding a link to the forum to the home screen of your device? As others have said I would hate for Ankers web presence to get spread too thin.

Between the upcoming Discourse app support and the website and the Reddit I believe these are more than enough options.

I will not hold myself from expressing my frustration with Anker forum on mobile.
Anker forum on mobile is horrendous (sorry Anker but your site is awful on mobile and you should hire better web designers).
Many times I tried to edit my reviews while away from my computer on my iPhone and another android device and no matter what I do i just cannot save the edits. Save button refuses to get clicked.
It was so frustrating at times that I feel like throwing my phone away.
For reading (not editing) it is probably ok but for writing, replying etc it is one of the worst I’ve seen.

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Get a better phone or use a different browser, I have had no issues ever saving or editing my post. Their mobile site imo is far better than many other sites and forums.

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Cannot get any better than safari/chrome on iPhone X
Just because you don’t have a problem doesn’t make the problem go away. Sorry but anker forum on mobile is very problematic.

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I have noticed a few bugs here and there for example I’m having trouble with getting notifications right now but nothing catastrophic like you have described. But I agree the site is due for a rehaul. I wouldn’t blame the developers though if anything they are overworked and could use a new hire to help out. I’m sure they are aware of the issues personally I wouldn’t ask for somebody’s job over something so trivial. They might have mouths to feed.

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I’m sorry but businesses don’t work without hiring best talent. A sloppy web designer or chemist or engineer or doctor or teacher or “you get my point”… are never desired.
I’m only suggesting getting best that you can hire. Only then a startup/early stage company can grow and thrive.
Anker is rapidly growing and soon more and more of their devices will have a corresponding app. Even standalone devices like battery chargers have BMS (Battery Management System) softwares. If these BMS are not written by good competent engineers/programmers, not only it is bad for the devices but also dangerous for end users.
Right now its a trivial issue (I spend 99% of my time on anker forum on my mac) but it does leave an impression on end users like myself.
If no one will criticize then how will improvement happen. I hope this is taken in a positive note.

I’m not disagreeing with you but let’s not call for people’s heads. Cheers buddy.

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I never did my friend. Just trying to push anker for app :grinning:

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Check my thread about it

No I think getting notifications on replies, new contests, power draws and things like that would be one GREAT reason for an app. They are working on one by the way.

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It’s not about being able to access the Forum or their Reddit or other parts of Anker, What I would like the app to do is let you sign into, in the beginning, all of the Anker related sites and things that one is a part of, so like how they ask you to subscribe your e-mail for updates, well instead of sending e-mails put the updates/ads for new products in the app, but most importantly for me is for the app to notify me when someone replies to something here or on reddit or etc. It would also be nice to see the Power Users deals too.

I get no notifications unless I log onto the forum, which I don’t like. If there is a discussion going on and I am involved it would be nice to be notified if someone replies to a comment or just asks me a question.

could you explain what you mean by[quote=“kumar.sachin, post:32, topic:60678”]
Right now its a trivial issue (I spend 99% of my time on anker forum on my mac) but it does leave an impression on end users like myself.If no one will criticize then how will improvement happen. I hope this is taken in a positive note.

ok cool so i am not the only one thanks disregard my other comment.