Announcing PowerWave Wireless Chargers



Back in the day when Nokia were king, it was a dream of tech bloggers, that one day, all leads would be the same.

We're closer than we used to be, with the vast majority being micro-usb, prob a 1/5th usb-c, but that's growing every year. I think eventually it'll be the other way round, especially if apple use usb-c in their iPhones. So it'll be just base models using micro-usb.


Iphones won't ever use usb c, they are too caught up with making a ton of money using their own standardized connector. And with recent rumors of them switching to a wedge shape lightning connector I highly doubt we will ever see an iphone with the same connector as other phones


This "what it should be" vs "what it is" angst is easy.

Just shun what you do not like and use your sphere of influence in person and online to be the same and just buy what works for you.

Apple get away with it because they built a brand synonymous with being a rich going-somewhere young person and just charged you a $500 fee for that halo.


I read yesterday, apple is opposing a bill, where people can fix their own phone/laptop, obvs at their own risk.

I mean, you just paid out for the phone, but apple insist you use them or other AUTHORISED repair. So although you bought it, it's like you don't own it.


The Canada link is broken. @AnkerOfficial


Anyone who signed up for a code receive an email yet?




I got my email today, as @joshuad11 posted even if u didn't get the email the coupons are available on Amazon


Looks sexy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: WHISHLIST ITEM
Going to get this for a note 8 I might get


I really need a new wireless charger!


Anker is getting some attention with this product


If you're very very lucky it'll come up in either power user or power draw.

HOWEVER, it'll be extremely oversubscribed, and will only go to those, who are very active, n participate reguarly, or to those that can pay the ten lots of powerbucks (depending on number available).

If it happens at all.


I signed up for the email and nothing showed up. My emails have been disappearing from my imbox as well. I saw the Kinja deal yesterday on them, wasn't sure if it was the same one.

On a side note: I didn't receive a notification that you replied to my post. Even when refreshing the page, old notifications show up as new


Is it just for Apple and Samsung or is other models included?


Darn it, missed out on the coupon. ...and I really want a wireless charger. Been waiting for Anker to release something > 5W.


Unfortunately, sometimes you just won't get the emails. It's happened to me a number of times.


Coupons are still valid. Be quick!


The wireless will work with any qi enabled phone


You didn't miss anything as you can still go to amazon product page and the coupons are listed there


Or notifications