Anker wireless chargers, iPhones, and choosing the right wall charger for 7.5W charging



I’m pretty confused as to what wall charger/wireless charger combination I need to be able to wirelessly charge an iPhone X at 7.5W.

All the Anker power wave webpages say you need QuickCharge 2 or 3 to do this on their 7.5W compatible power wave chargers.

I already have the Powerport PD2 with Power IQ and PD (power delivery) which I bought because I thought those were the current standards and would do everything I needed for a long time to come.

Does PowerIQ provide Quickcharge 2/3? Can PowerDelivery (PD) provide Quickcharge 2/3? How about PowerIQ2?

Can the Anker Wireless Charger with USB-C, 15W Metal Fast Wireless Charging Pad if powered by PD over USBC provide 7.5W iPhone X charging? Or only somehow with Quickcharge over USBC (is that possible?)

Otherwise it looks like I need a new expensive wall charger having just got the PD2 a couple of months ago, as I want to have the option of wired 18W via USC PD and wireless 7.5W in the same location, and anything with PowerIQ2 is well over $45 in Europe…

Thanks for any help in making me less confused!


Hi @FinPower, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, Anker’s product lineups can be very confusing at times. We are here to try to help you.

You are correct that most of wireless chargers require Qualcomm Quick Charge to fast charge.

Unfortunately, PowerPort PD 2 does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.[quote=“FinPower, post:1, topic:69413”]
Does PowerIQ provide Quickcharge 2/3?

No.[quote=“FinPower, post:1, topic:69413”]
Can PowerDelivery (PD) provide Quickcharge 2/3?

No.[quote=“FinPower, post:1, topic:69413”]
How about PowerIQ2?

Yes, Anker’s PowerIQ 2.0 and PowerIQ 3.0 mimic Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology.[quote=“FinPower, post:1, topic:69413”]
Can the Anker Wireless Charger with USB-C, 15W Metal Fast Wireless Charging Pad if powered by PD over USBC provide 7.5W iPhone X charging?

According to the Amazon listing, yes, this would be possible! However, I would email just to confirm.

Quick Charge over USB-C is also possible, and Anker’s all-new PowerIQ 3.0 is a prime example of this.

Hope this helps clear some confusion. :slight_smile: If you have additional questions, please ask!


Excellent question. I get full speed with a samsung QC 3.0 wall charger on the PowerWave Stand.

PowerIQ 2 is also QC3.0 if I understand correctly. Maybe @AnkerTechnical @joshuad11 or @professor can clarify?


Hahahaha @joshuad11 we were posting at the same time :laughing:


Thanks both for the replies! It is rather confusing…

I just read the Anker blog entry ‘wireless charging 101’, which seems to imply that PD should work (it says under 'How fast is wireless charging “To use fast-charging modes, wireless chargers usually require a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 or Power Delivery wall charger.”).

So I have a Power delivery charger, the PD2. But can I then do PD USBC to microUSB to power with e.g. (and do Anker even make a USBC to microUSB cable?)? Or does it need to be a USBC/PowerDelivery compatible wireless charger, e.g. USBC to USBC, of which the 15W metal wireless one is I think the only one Anker do? (and I think it comes with a USBA -USBC cable anyway!)

Ah well, I guess I will email support and let you know!


If this is the case, you would not want to use it. You would need a USB-C to USB-C cable to activate fast charging.


This one would be perfect for you:

All you need is a micro b cable to complete the connection to the wireless charger pad.


I have this stand as well. It fast charges my Samsung S9.


Good to know about the microUSB, I guess only the metal 15W pad is PD compatible then.

Yep either the power wave fast plus that QC3 charger, or the 15W metal pad plus USBC cable seem to be the cheapest options, just seems silly to have to buy either another charger or an extra cable on top of what is in the box, when I just got what I thought was a pretty up to date charger that in terms of power output is fine, just not standards…

Oh and will any USBC-USBC cable work, eg. the cheapest PowerLine 3ft USB-C to USB-C 2.0, or do I need a certain level e.g. USB3, USB3.1/3.1gen2? (I know that is mostly data rate differences, but they seem to be accompanied by power handling differences, whether they handle PD too and again it’s not very clear!)


You should be fine with any USB-C to USB-C cable from Anker.


Yeah the USB C cables aren’t any different in terms of power. The different levels (USB C 2.0, USB C 3.0, etc) all refer to data transfer, not power.


Hopefully with the replies given here you understand a bit better and you are not as confused :thumbsup:


Oh I would not get that one. Get something less expensive that will still do the job, like this:


I’m getting closer to being not confused, certainly, so thanks for everyone’s help!

I know the USB2/3 over USBC refers to data rates, but isn’t it the case that there are also some aspects of power that can differ between USBC cables - do all USBC cables allow Power Delivery at high Watt numbers, or is it just that all of Anker’s cables do but other brands don’t in all cases? Good to know anyway.

gAnkster - I’m pretty sure the one you link only allows for 5W wireless charging with an iPhone instead of 7.5W, which is what I was trying to avoid! For android it would be fine…

Support confirmed the Powerwave Fast would not do 7.5W charging with my PD2, and also recommended the same QC3 Anker charger you posted, and the Powerwave fast comes with the right microUSB cable for that. Those two come almost exactly to the same price as the metal 15W pad plus USBC cable (in Europe) so need to decide which is best.

Thanks again!


All USB-C cables should support Power Delivery at lower wattages (up to 60), but I wouldn’t buy one from a no name brand because some are not safe.


Let us know what you decide. Personally, I would choose PowerWave 15 Pad just because I think it has a sleek design and like the fact it uses USB-C.


I’d like to see what you end up choosing, good luck on your next purchase


@gAnkster That Qi charger would only provide 5 w to an iPhone, it’s compatible with wireless fast charging for Android at 10 w but not iPhone at 7.5 w. I realized this when I hooked it up to a USB power meter then checked the specs haha.

You would be all set to charge an iPhone with this Qi pad:

And this USB charger:

As well as any micro USB cable.



I took a look at the metal USB c Qi charger and I believe the mention of pd on the amazon page is a mistake. The page in the Anker site does not mention it (,-15w-metal-fast-wireless-charging-pad/A2502011) and I have never seen a fast Qi charger that uses pd. Unfortunately in this case you would still need a second cable so you may be better of going with a cheaper Qi pad like I linked above.


I would probably recommend (if you have it) the standard Brick that comes with the iPad that’s if you have an iPad as it’s 10w