Anker USB-C to USB-C Thunderbolt 3.0 Fast Charging and Data Transfer Cable Review/Photos

Hey everyone! Amazon isn’t allowing me to post my review on Amazon, so I’ll post here! The USB-C to USB-C Thunderbolt 3.0 cable is exactly what I’ve been needing for charging my Nintendo Switch while traveling. I haven’t done any speed tests or anything, but combined with the 60W 5-Port charger w/ the USB-C Power Delivery port it allows me to play the Switch and charge at the same time. The cable is only ~19.5" long, which is somewhat disappointing, but it’s really thick, and since the 5-port USB-C charger has such a long cable itself it’s not really an issue for me. I’m glad that Anker put out a fast charging USB-C cable and I hope they make a longer version of this one! Here are some photos:

Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do to get Amazon to accept my review? I get the “This item is currently only eligible for Amazon Verified purchase reviews.” message when I try to rate it. Oddly, I get the same message when I try to review an Aukey product that I purchased directly from Amazon (I’ve never received a sample Aukey product for review), but not on any other products.


Nice review, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

As for Amazon, US and DE have recently changed their policies again I believe in regards to what you can review without having purchased the item directly via Amazon. Prior to the change you were allowed to review up to 5 non-purchased items per week, now you have to have been physically charged for the item.


have you purchased the Aukey product with code/ discount?

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I used a coupon code that was posted on the front page of Slickdeals for that Aukey purchase. It wasn’t a unique code, anyone was able to use it, but it definitely seems like that’s probably the reason. So in addition to requiring you to have purchased the item from Amazon, they’re going to flag any purchases that were made using coupon codes? That’s pretty unfortunate…

That page you shared I believe is simply stating the requirements for new Amazon accounts.

I think this could be the reason why the cable is so short.

I do not know how to do it that it looks like the host of @ndalby


Hey, I recently bought something on Amazon too and it does not allow me to write a review. I am getting that same message. I wonder what is going on… Great photos btw.

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Thanks! Yeah, it’s pretty frustrating…

If you’re wanting a slightly longer one, here’s a good alternative:

It will charge just as fast!

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Maybe… but I bought a cable with 15% code earlier, and I was able to leave a review. Maybe amazon has limited people to review with too much discounts?

what is the discount for that purchase? :mask:

Longer the cable the worse the power loss. The higher the Ampage the worse the power loss. If you wanted an efficient high power longer cable it would have to be thicker. Would it being thicker be an issue?

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Boo Amazon ,guess I’ll be posting my review on tech blogs and Google+. Do you have any recommendations for places where I can share with the masses? Too bad Amazon changed their policy again I enjoyed sharing my experiences with the products.

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Hmm. Here was the Slickdeals post for the Aukey item. :confused:

I’m still going to try my luck with Amazon but I also have a back up of posting to here and Twitter/Facebook (mainly family who would see though :frowning2:)…might have to start considering YouTube for my reviews :anguished:

It’s funny I just got a email last night saying 8 of my reviews for items I purchased a long time ago was just posted to amazon. I Always Thought They Had Been Posted but aparently they wernt, I know 3 of the items not listed below had been purchased almost 5 years ago. Not sure how or why but maybe Amazon is purging their system and trying to update or get reviews posted in a specific sequence

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Yay now Amazon UK are doing the same :rolling_eyes: Looks like my future reviews will have to remain on the forum and perhaps go to YouTube :anguished:

Weird. I noticed that some of my old reviews were deleted (photos and everything), so they’re definitely doing some degree of purging.

That’s what confuses me, others had their post deleted and mine get added. Seems like they are nitpicking what does and doesn’t get posted. Not all of my reviews have been good for the items, in fact some were flat out 1 star reviews that would be zero star if possible. I messaged Amazon asking how all of a sudden 5 year old reviews just NOW get posted, but I have not heard back from them

:exclamation: :grin: :grinning: