Anker T-Shirt Design Contest: Enter Here



I like the front of the shirt


I like the front of the shirt, the logo would make it a little bigger, not so much


Has anyone received their T-shirt yet? Maybe @AnkerOfficial can shed some light on this question.


No, but in the mail it says that:
We will print t-shirts as soon as possible. You should receive your prize before November 30th.
So hopefully just wait a few more days. :sunglasses:


We have already shipped these T-shirts, so you guys should get it by the end of the month.:grin:

Introducing Our 2017 Anker T-shirt Design Contest Winners!

Thanks for the update.


Thanks for letting us know! I was just about to ask about that ^-^


I just got my T-shirt today!!! :smiley:


Pic please...


Sure thing! Just give me an hour or so.


Sorry, I didn’t have the best lighting. It might look a bit dirty but that’s actually just shadows. It’s nice and clean! :smiley:


Only for you :wink:


I can't wait for another Anker/Soundcore shirt design contest. Maybe some sweaters too hint hint @AnkerOfficial :grin: there were some pretty sweet designs last year.


And the Goal was a new Design for a new T-Shirt. :sunglasses:

Did someone get a notification?


I know this a been said repeatedly but I really want some Anker gear to promote my favorite electronics brand hopefully Anker listens a start a new line of clothing. I'm sure everyone on the forum would be all over new Anker gear. A poll to judge designs before they are released to the public would be ideal.


Ok, I like the Battery icon idea, so I'm adding my variation. The idea is that this is a battery powered t-shirt with LEDs (washable, battery removable). The A-N-K-E-R would light up one letter at a time.


Very cool idea what technologies would you use to make this idea come to life? I am aware of a few new wearable tech technologies but not fully versed in the subject. I really like the idea of shifting designs on clothing.




Cool stuff, I could see Anker collaborating with this Japanese company. I think it would be very valuable in promoting his new technology for both companies. Now I want a wearable heartbeat monitor :sunglasses:

Anker was asking for ideas for companies to collaborate with a week or two ago you should share this idea on that topic.


@AnkerOfficial some great news one year later ? :innocent: