Anker should be making usb c- magsafe convertor

Try putting spaces between the hyphens and the words


Was just about to tell him this.

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I want to say yes on the poll…

  • YES
  • NO

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Lol like the 3rd option :joy:

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I’m indifferent personally.

thanks it works!

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Appreciate it!

Now you can do it!

Seems like the “I don’t care” option is winning right now lol

It’s not that I don’t care per say, it’s that I like the MagSafe thing on the wall adapter instead :wink:. If anker made some of those I would buy them.

Lol I just had to Google Magsafe cause I had no idea what it was :joy::sob:

I don’t think I used MagSafe the way it’s actually supposed to be used :joy:. This is what I was referring to. Something very similar, and based on the same concept.


Ohh that’s pretty neat. When I googled Magsafe some other cable came up :joy:

It’s gone?

Did you steal my poll?

Your poll is still there in your post

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Voted For Yes!

That “Magsafe- wall outlet” design looks more promising compared to similar ones I’ve seen in the past… less exposed contact on the plug/outlet themselves, and it seems more durable.
(I can’t seem to find a picture of what I’m describing… maybe I imagined it :wink:)

I’d love to see Anker’s take on this, perhaps a smart version that could also be a smart outlet?

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It wasn’t there earlier


Voted! I’m glad you fixed it