Anker product being sold on apple website



I didn’t know Dixon’s were still going.


Curry’s PC World are what all Dixons are called but they call themselves Dixons Travel at airports


Do anyone know if the charger comes with interchangable plug? Like we can change from UK to US plug


Sadly it does not. I’m not aware of any Anker travel chargers.


@TheDude Thanks man. I am just curious when I just saw this web:

The plug was first in UK then turns into US when they are having the test. Looks like they are having 2 different units?


I understand the confusion now I’m confused :grin:

@Insider would be the guy ask.

Edit after taking a closer look at the pictures this does appear to be two separate models.


I travel a lot if the charger comes with a interchangeable plug then it would be great . Thank you anyway… Lets see if the insider can have an answer for us


Yeah let’s wait on @Insider but in the meantime the input voltage is 110-220 so it will work with a travel adapter.


Haha, I actually have no clue on this type of stuff. :joy: @professor would be the one to ask.



Judging from the pictures and a few YouTube videos, it looks like they are two separate models…US and European but they have used both in the Charger Lab review photos…


Guys… I just found the original website, with the internal details. The uk plug is not interchangeable. What a shame…