Anker On Board | New Product Launch Event Report

Would be great if you could connect up to say 20 cameras for whole property monitoring

Are you in either of the photos?

I like the new powerport PD, but those haven’t showed up in Canada amazon (except the car charger)

Nope. :joy:


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Looking good! I’m still really interested in the projectors… For work, home and for my scare acting troupe! :smile_cat:
Might take the plunge next year and buy one if I can get the money together. Until then, I’m loving the PD chargers. It’s been a long time coming it feels.

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If you do a video doorbell, then please let me beta test it

I live in an apartment block, and we have no video security… Nothing at all. The landlord says they would supply it, but at such an added cost to service charges, it’s prohibitive!

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