Anker level system

I currently am a level 3 user on anker and am wondering how to get a higher level. Also would there be somewhere wher e I could check how close I am to completing my current level?

As a member previously mentioned not long ago, the search function is your friend;

Preferences tab on your profile for current level and points


For some reason this doesn’t show up on my preferences page showing where I am at on lvl 3

your level is there on preferences e.g. mine


And then you see your points and your current rank and then look at the levels

The levels really are useless, there are 2 Level 13 (me and Josh) but it doesn’t seem to do anything. The bucks you can eventually win a free thing in Power Draw.

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You can also go to the power draw page and at the top it tells you your level along with how many powerbucks you have


Good luck reaching level 13 !

I’m 34 experience points off Level 7 (huh hmmmm) 29 now :upside_down:

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Congrats. Just over 600 away from breaking level 12 hurdle :cold_sweat:


Cheers. Those gaps get a lot wider. Ooooosh.

BOOM :boom:


Congrats :thumbsup:

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Yeah I don’t think the levels will make much of an impact until 19, but you get a boatload of bucks when you level up!

I’m right there with you only need 167 more points to reach level 7. Well 165 by the time I finish writing this☺️ I think I’m going to take a break from the power draw for a few weeks and let others get a better chance but we’ll see what’s in next week’s powerdraw I might not be able to help myself.

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Cool :sunglasses: I’ve given the power Draw a break to keep my bucks for something i’d really like.

I love a level up message

I’m gonna save my powerbucks for bluetooth headphones, unless I win this week and then I get to say them all.

Just leveled up to lvl 5 yesterday :slight_smile:

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50 points from Level 8 :grin:

Nice and an early congrats. I’m like 1500 away from level 8

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Congrats, think you should be able to get to lv8 by the end of today :smile:, I’m about 4500 away from the dreaded 13, so probably another month or two :slight_smile:


26 points from lv6 :stuck_out_tongue: