Anker/Ingress team up

There is a game out there called Ingress. I’m a player myself, Enlightened! For those of who you don’t know it’s a location based, augmented reality game that takes place on mobile devices. There are millions of players worldwide and actually a lot of them use Anker products, or at least a lot of the people I know. I think that would be a match made in heaven. Somehow integrate Anker as a sponsor for Ingress, they have teamed up in the past, right @AnkerOfficial? I believe it was a one time minor event. My point is that #Anker makes the exact type of products every Ingress player needs, a good case, charger, cables, car mounts, fast car chargers etc. If #Anker could advertise or contact Niantic I’m a they would love to team up again. Especially because in a few months Ingress Prime is being released, which is a whole new interface for the game. Any body else play Ingress. If so what faction?


Search can be your best friend :wink:


the search field is your friend, you re welcome :slight_smile:

Is anyone on here a hardcore Ingress fan?

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Thanks but that’s only a single post by a guy trying to sell something. Which I feel like you shouldn’t do on this forum but whatever. I am trying to reach anker and them selves and suggest that they should team up with Niantic because well there are a perfect match.

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As I mentioned a search would have turned up a number of post about Ingress, not just the one posted above

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Oh I see. This forum is still confusing to me. Plus I don’t think about searching. If I have an idea I start a thread. If it’s been done, oh well. I just like to get my ideas out there. I feel like, since it only happened once for a 1day special event, that no one else has suggested what I did. But thanks. I’ll search from now on!

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