Anker & EyeCorps | Powering Up Sight Worldwide

Really nice Anker !!!

Now this is amazing, it’s good to see a company that makes such money still cares about the world around it. I for one love the marketing here. Use this all you want Anker as this is the Good side of marketing. I’m sure your products would also help those with power issues in Puerto Rico and Venezuela where they only get a couple hours of power a day in certain areas. They would be able to charge the power banks up and use them when the power is off to provide light and usage to watch videos and communicate on their phones. I would love to create a campaign for this and travel to Puerto Rico for your team. I live in the US and can travel there. I actually may be going to help out in a month or two with the Red Cross. Would you like to send some Power Banks over so we can distribute them out to those who truly need them?

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When i first read this story, it completely made my day!.:hugs:
I am proud of Anker brand and the things what we are doing.

I’m proud of our products make a difference.:blush:

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I hope we will help more people in need in the future.:muscle:

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You could send an email to, our PR team need to know more detail about your idea.:blush:

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What a great initiative that EyeCorps is doing and very proud that @AnkerOfficial is helping in a big way.

Just an idea of what a contribution can provide:

  • $100 gives two people vision
  • $1000 gives 20 people their vision
  • $10,000 a microscope
  • $15,000 a scholarship to support an ophthalmologist in training
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nice work!

Good stuff !!!

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That’s truly amazing @AnkerOfficial

Makes me proud of being part of this community :slight_smile:


This is awesome that you guys contribute to such a great cause!

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wow that’s really cool great stuff Anker

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