Anker Brands?

Why do the Anker brands at the top of the forum page not match the ones under the brands tab? Not a life changing question but I started to think about it today when I was thinking zolo is missing from the too but still in the brands list. Is there a reason why the brands don’t match


You meant ‘Zolo’, yeah it’s a good question, may be these are included as part of the Anker topic.

@AnkerOfficial May be able to provide some insight :sunglasses:


Yeah Zolo is a mystery to all of us. We’ve talked about it a bit before. Apparently they “killed” the brand, but then they released a Zolo product at CES this year?

Who knows? Anker Innovations loves to bounce around between brands names for some reason…

There are always confusions at the websites. :wink:
We were talking about a lot.

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They just want to keep us on our toes :wink:

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I think the brands at the top of the page (Anker, Eufy, Roav, Nebula and Soundcore) are the tried and trued main stays of the Anker portfolio.

It is my assumption that Zolo and Karapax are in trial phases. Zolo will probably fall under the Soundcore umbrella and Karapax could develop, dissolve or merge in with Anker or something.

I’m sure Anker’s marketing team is working hard to build identities and stories to tell from each of their subsegments. Definitely interesting and something to keep an eye on!!!

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They are all all different brands but I think anker own most of the company at the top of the page but then On the other section eg) karapax and zolo they own little shares in the company. Well I dunno maybe because they have no space to fit all of them on?

You guys are way over thinking this. If you search you could find your answer in some of the older post… But I’ll break it down for you

  1. Anker is the main brand
  2. Eufy, Roav, Nebula, Zolo, and Karapax are all sister brands
  3. Zolo became the new Soundcore brand…yes we still see Zolo presenting stuff to come out, but speculation is that it’s either the projects they were last working on and finishing up or Zolo will be the brand in different markets.
  4. Karapax was the phone case and screen protector brand, which they said they were discontinuing that line of products… But we have seen a few products from then this past year so they also may be finishing up past projects or are operating in such a limited capacity that to produce few new items

This may be a question of taxes and distribution of funds.
Those kind of structures are always used.

Honestly, I’m at the point of who cares what brands they have as long as we have access to them and they keep producing high quality products


Me too, I don’t care about internal structures and distribution of funds etc.
International acting companies are always a kind of “network”.

As long we have our perfect and durable products there is no need to inspect the network structure. :innocent:

Nice summary, this answers all of the questions!

@AnkerOfficial should add a section for forum topics as “Resolved” or “Answered” like the ones for other professional forums from Oracle or Cisco communities