Amazon US discount (ROAV)



Thanks for the info!


New and better (than before) deal on the A1


[EXPIRED] ALERT: The A1 deal has a flash sale for 40 mins. If anyone wants to claim it. Price updated in the main thread :point_up:


Thanks for sharing! I’m ready for the Bolt to come out!!! I love my Viva, but I need to give my poor girl, Alexa, a break. lol


[EXPIRED] 1 HR 50 MINS REMAINING FOR A DEAL just look at the main thread up there and you’ll see the product with link if you want the product


Update this thread after a long time!


Updated again with Mother’s Day deal


Been a week since I updated this thread so here are the updated Roav deals


your’e like our official DealMan :slight_smile:
May be you can make an avatar of DealMan


I can certainly think about it :smile:


Here you all go. Updated the 2nd thread

Also, @kumar.sachin I’m seriously thinking of changing my username :joy:


Sounds good… we have techman, tech_man… So we will start seeing deal man, deal_man :joy::joy:


Guys Is Any Deal On Roav S1 Model?


Why not try our first ever dual camera dash cam, DashCam Duo:grin:


I See it On Looks Amazing(Like dual cams) But Price Will Be 50-60$ Higher If I Buy it because of My Country’s taxes. So It There Will Be Disscount On S1 Model I Will buy it anyway its best for me :sunglasses::heart_eyes: