All-New Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2

Always good to share such experience
Thank you.

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Great, hope you don’t see that issue again

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Additional context on this. If you do not turn off the headset before placing in the charging station the middle light will remain amber on the charging station.

Thanks for the additional info…

I have the same issue. Good to know, I’ll try to deplete the battery before it’s next charge.

Turning the unit off before you place in the charger resolves the issue

Mine has the same behavior. I have to turn the Quest 2 completely off for it to charge AND turn the light green on the Anker when charged. This makes me wonder if I don’t turn it completely off and put it on the charger, the light will stay orange, does that mean that it might be overcharging the battery or might cause issues with battery life?

Any idea when this will be available again? Landing page says in stock on Feb 22, but still lists as sold out

Be patient!
May be it will show up soon again.
Its a question of production capacities, shipping and market needs…

Unfortunately it may be a while, let’s hope it’s sooner tho

@btoleno it Shows available on Amazon for me

It was out of stock on the Anker site. I also ended up seeing it at Best Buy and got it there today. Looks good and works smooth.

Yea Ankers site isn’t the best for updates and your always better going to Amazon for it

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Where can I get additional matching magnetic cords to charge the headset on the go when I’m not near the cradle/base? I don’t want to have to take the dongle in and out every time I’m charging it while i’m away from home.

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This is what led me here too. Trying to figure out if there is a cable that works with the magnetic connector so I can quickly use a battery pack or USB cable for longer game time. There are some generic magnetic cables on Amazon but based on pictures, I’m pretty sure they are different.

I am late, I also want one

Just got the Oculus Quest 2 for my birthday today, so I’m gonna have to pick this up. Hopefully it can go on sale sometime soon

Happy birthday @Tank I’ll keep my eyes open for a deal if I see one I’ll let you know

Thanks, much appreciated

Hello! Really love my Anker charging dock for Oculus, but one of the rechargable batteries for the controllers won’t charge past 40% and the other is dead. Can I use any rechargable batteries for the controllers, or do I have to buy from Anker at a premium?