All new Anker is Powering up

Clearing cache on Chrome doesn’t fix it, still need to do incognito browser Chrome

If you clear your cookies and other site data (not all history / everything) that should do the trick, did on mine.

So it would seem.

They did mention not long ago a raffle possibility, will be interesting to see what items they put up on the raffles.

Perhaps there is some caching in the content delivery network. It will likely clear up in a few hours.

Ah, a bit disappointed when only the website is updated. Was hoping some other new product coming. Hmmm


Have a closer look , there is now a new feature called Power Draw :wink: it is the menu with a New bubble above it :grin:

It fixed itself

Yeah, just put my remaining buck into 2 of those power bank… Haha

Can you expand on that argument? I believe you are saying that because chargers are getting so good there is less need for portable charger?

I’m also not sure it is a deliberate change, the market dictates.

There is a huge section of the laptop market moving from proprietary chargers with 19V with 60W typically to shift to open USB-PD which in turn opens up both USB-PD chargers and USB-PD portable chargers. We’re seeing this with Apple and Google.

There is also a gap in solar panels which output USB-PD, so take for example the 21W solar panel you just won it is two 2A port but one USB-PD would then recharge laptop.

The whole area of USB-PD in the 60W region is vastly under representative in Anker portfolio.

There is a generational shift from use of cars to bike, train, and living less in the home, leaving home with a kind of laptop and needing fast small chargers and portable charger.

Also we need USB-PD rechargeable skateboards.

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When I read their statement from Anker, I actually got the impression that they will be focusing more on creating portable chargers.


That implies:

  • chargers
  • portable chargers
  • solar
  • car chargers

Anker is behind in:

  • USB-PD 60W
  • QC4
  • Solar panel output working with Powerhouse input, which is one reason the Powerhouse would need an upgrade.

What it does not imply:

  • Eufy
  • Audio

Of course it could mean nothing, it is just marketing words. :flushed:

Your right, USB-C should be taken seriously

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[quote=“joshuad11, post:53, topic:52691”]
I think Anker is beginning to (slowly) turn their focus away from portable chargers bc charging technologies are improving

So it is Power Banks, Chargers, Cables and then “other”

Do you disagree?

actually it is 3a total, 2.4 max per port

I think it is a point to debate but I don’t see a case for it to be fully agreed.

True, faster charging means you can get battery quite low and make good use of limited access to wall sockets.

Wireless charging is more of a slow trickle charge, so quick charging and wireless charging combined means you are in less of a need for portable chargers. However, what if you are flat and no access to a wall socket, that situation will always arise. For that, a portable charger still has its uses.

So long as:

  • folks want a more powerful device, draining batteries
  • folks are subjective seeking “sleek” designs where batteries are forced to be just barely adequate
  • then devices will be boxed into “just enough” for typical uses, so portable chargers are related to serving atypical uses.

I think it is a bold statement to make that portable chargers will not be necessary, maybe those portable products are no longer top sellers! However it would be interesting to know how far in the future he believes this wireless charging revolution will take place. I have had every version of the Galaxy Note and I still have not tried wireless charging out although I have been curious how it compares with traditional wired charging. I am also always near a power socket so I can use my wall chargers. If I do go on a long road trip then I use my Astro portable charger , I believe there a similar discussion in a different thread and it comes down to personal choice who uses portable charging units.
Considering how long wireless charging has been available it has not really taken off mainstream, perhaps it is similar to Skype where it was only taken up by the early adopters until iPhones and iPads etc came out. How many people use the Wireless charging stations at McDonalds & Starbucks?

Tongue in cheek mode


I don’t go into McDonalds nor Starbucks as they are poor food at high prices.

Sandwiches made at home or a bag of trailmix is about 1/3rd the price and you can control the fat and salt content. I often carry a waterbottle and refill it when/where I can.

About 3 trips to either of those places pays for your Anker portable charger and if you’re worried about the weight of a portable charger it is about the same weight on a human body as about 1200 Calories or one typical McDonalds meal (i.e. you leave Mc weighing more permanently of a typical Powercore you don’t carry permanently).

(human blubber like a man’s bigger belly, is 3500Cals / Lb and so a meal is 1080 Cals so you made yourself 5oz heavier. That is about the same weight as say a Powercore 5000 Slim)

Serious mode


I see people in these places and they take advantage of being sat down to use their mobiles so they tend to struggle to keep them laid down to use (much). I own wireless charging phones and tablets and I like the wireless for at home and at office for placing the device I am not using on them whilst I use something else (say a laptop) and I pick up / put down the device off the wireless through the hours and that works really well. So I think wireless in home/office is more viable than in Starbucks / McDonalds.

Maybe the future is a powerbank that wont require wires because it will be able to charge your phone wirelessly.

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