Ali-Express PD Giveaway

Bet loads of you are entering but only 4 likes on the post. Some proper selfish people around this place :yum:

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Did my share of like now :rofl:

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Hahaha and so you should lol. C’mon guys and girls. We got new badges to collect. We should remember to show some love wherever it’s appropriate :+1:t2:

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Maybe I should tag the admins, because this is definitely point trading :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (joking)

Just think, if you say yay, thanks for sharing etc. At least like the post. Common courtesy :blush:

I’m waiting…

Thank you :blush: all x

Winners have been announced… Did anyone from community win prizes?

Where do you see the announcement in the app?

yes, on the app in Anker Store section - feed. i already deleted Ali-Express else would have provided the screenshot

I don’t see any announcements. Just a load of products in the Anker Store section.

I saw it in the iOS app, Anker Store Section - select “Feed”

What is Power Delivery #AliExpress

In the comments. I didn’t win :frowning:

AliExpress is the most UN-intuitive store app out there. I cannot find that post or announcement anywhere. Even when trying on a computer browser.

@Dez_S open the app,go to Ankers store page
Click store posts

Scroll down to co test post and click on it, all winners announced there

Unfortunately I didn’t win :sob:

Thanks but I don’t see a STORE POSTS tab at all. Mine says SALE, and still can’t find the Announcement.

I’m sorry @Dez_S, I dunno o why I didnt just post this before. Here you go

Bugger no mention name, that’s just typical.

Oh well, next time I might just enter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks, but wow. What a confusing way of listing winners. Can’t make out who is who :thinking: