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Thanks #Anker @AnkerOfficial for the beautiful high tech dashcam. I am so glad to see my name in the winners list. I am already using a lot of anker products all available on Amazon.com but did not have this specific dashcam named S1. Sony’s new Starvis is something of my interest. I have used Exmer Sensor equipped dashcam and are excellent in day and night lights. I am so excited and anxiously waiting for the dashcam S1 to knock my doorstep… Thanks @AnkerOfficial once again… :joy:


Thanks @AnkerOfficial for the DashCam S1… Waiting for the shipment to be delivered with hi-tech dashcam in it…


Looking forward to your testing review! :wink:


Congratulations to all the winners, look forward to your reviews.
@AnkerOfficial- maybe you should update the thread after 2 weeks with review links and status of review submissions :slight_smile:


Winners generally add their review link in this thread in order to meet the requirements. But first we all have to get our prizes


Congrats to all the winners this round. I normally just send a msg @AnkerOfficial with my links to the article and share the review with community in the review sections. This review will be different, I have to deal with video and that takes a lot more time than just adding pictures. Hopefully I get some interesting video this time around.


Still waiting for the product to reach me. I have no idea when would they mail it to me… Hopefully would get it soon. Would definitely review it as soon as I get it…


Yup, same here. Just waiting to receive the camera


Mine is scheduled to come tomo,cant wait to set it up and test


I got mine yesterday


Mine arrived Wednesday but I’m waiting on a right-angle MicroUSB cable to arrive as the included cable makes it way less incognito than my current dashcam :frowning: Had to order one immediately after realizing this.


Put that asmpart of your review. As in future, they may change the supplied lead.


@AnkerOfficial :joy: :relaxed::innocent:
Thanks once again for hosting this event. Roav S1 DashCam is really an awesome product and I am sure it would catch a lot of customer attraction due to its cool features especially the new Sony Starvis Sensor and High resolution wide angle lens. Proud to be part of the winning team:
Here is the video review link @AnkerOfficial :- https://youtu.be/RT47rEdhTw8



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Here’s my review.
Full Version Review: Roav DashCam S1
Summary Version - Review: DashCam S1

Thanks again @AnkerOfficial for another great contest.




Here is My Review as promised. Thanks again @ankerofficial for this awesome opportunity and contest


My review is here. I made a quick one as I felt 2 weeks wasn’t enough to really tear into this thing, but I’ll definitely update it as time goes by.


Hello everybody Just joined this community,i do researches read reviews and watched youtube videos and roav dash cam s1 looks so awesome.